Thursday, December 24, 2009

better late than never right?

So way back a couple months ago, it was Halloween. This was Joshua's first real year to go trick-or-treating. We planned to only hit the houses on our street, head to my brother's for a minute and call it a night. Joshua dressed up as a green skeleton and was so cute. He got compliments all up and down our street. One lady told him he was too cute for the regular candy and went and got him a goodie bag full of candy and colors and a coloring book. Hitting only the houses on our street gave him 10-12 houses resulting in a decent amount of candy for a 2 year old. He had fun and was even saying "trick-or-treat" when we would go up to houses.
Trick-or-Treating on our street.
Quick family picture at Uncle J's & Aunt Mandy's.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

God is in trouble but not for unlocking doors

The other day when I picked Joshua up from school it was dark out, thanks to our recent time change. I personally don't like the time change, I like it to be daylight until nearly 8:30...just my personal preference. Anyway, it was dark when I picked Joshua up from school around 6:30 and our conversation went something like this:

"It's dark out here", Joshua said.
"Yes. It is dark", said Mommy.
"Somebody turn the light off"
"Yes, God turned the light off"
"God turn the light off"
"Yes" said Mommy.
"He's is trouble. He need a time out"
"God needs a time out?"
"Yes. We need to go get him and put him in time out. He turn the light off"

I explained that we can't get God and that we can't put God in time out. I don't think he understood. But he was pretty adamant that God needed a time-out for turning off the light.

Tonight, I am on the phone with Jeff, who is in El Paso. I hear something in the background and it took me what seemed like minutes to figure out what the sound was. It was the front door unlocking. And opening and then shutting. Once I realized what the noise was, I initially thought that Jeff was joking and was home early, but there were no legs/feet to be seen through the window. I jumped up and found my son closing the door. He hadn't gone out, but he had unlocked both locks and opened and then shut the front door. So our newly established rules are:
1. Little boys do not unlock the front door for any reason.
2. Little boys do not open the front door or any door for any reason.

But then, I wonder about fires and have I led Joshua to believe that in case of a fire that he can not open the door. But then he is 2 1/2 years old. I am not sure that he would get the difference. He already knows to not come out of his bedroom until Mommy or Daddy come and get him. So, he will play in his room until we go in there in the mornings.

This weekend we will be exploring options to help with the newly found front door situation.

Joshua's recent growth spurt has also given him the "I don't know how to shut-up" syndrome. The kid talks constantly. He talks to Mommy. He talks to Daddy. He talks to Mickey Mouse. He talks to himself. He talks to the dog. He talks to my truck. He talks to everything about everything. Constantly. Talking. He never shuts-up. Never.

And along with the "I don't know how to shut-up" syndrome came the "Wiggle 'til I fall out of the chair" syndrome. He is constantly moving. He watches Mickey Mouse while standing on his head on the couch, while laying on the couch, while hanging off the couch, while falling off the couch. Then he wiggles in the floor towards his couch-bed thing. Then he gets up and climbs back on the couch and it starts all over again.

He doesn't be still and he doesn't be quiet. Ever. Well, except for the 25 minutes that he watches Mickey Mouse...then he is quiet, but not still. And when he is sleeping, he doesn't talk, but he doesn't really be still then either.

Welcome to the 2 1/2 years old stage. Welcome. On the right we have wiggle worm and on the left we have talk until your tongue falls out. Welcome. Come on in.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

pumpkin patch 2009

We went to the pumpkin patch in mid October. Up to Flower Mound, TX to the pumpkin patch. We knew it would be a fun year with Joshua - all Holiday's this 2 year old year have been! He kissed or attempted to kiss everything that we took pictures by, Cookie Monster, Sponge Bob, Nemo, 101 Dalmatians, Mickey & Minnie....we kept telling him to stop kissing stuff, but it is hard to explain the flu/H1N1/germs to a 2 1/2 year old. We had a great time!

My favorite picture of the day.
WhooHoo...everyone is looking the same direction!
A corny smile!
Just after this picture, he says, "these my best friends". (They apparently become fast friends.)
With Uncle J & the surfing penguins.
He love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and was beyond excited to see Mickey & Minnie!!

water park from 8-2009

Back in late August we took a family stay-cation. On the last weekend, we went and checked out a new water park in Hurst. City owned and managed. It had a great toddler water area, 1 ft 6 in, which was just enough water for Joshua. With water slides made for toddlers. And the lifeguards in that area kept kids that were older out so the toddlers didn't get hurt. Parents were allowed with their toddlers. Overall, it was a good experience and we look forward to going again next summer.

Toddler area right. There is a spiral slide on the other side on this area. You can control most all of the water spray areas with kid friendly levers.

Toddler area left & big kid/adult slides in background. This was Joshua's favorite slide!
Playing in the water.

On the stairs with Mommy. That is a fun having face!

Down the slide. I thought we had gotten better pictures, but no such luck.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

school pictures are in

I got Joshua's Fall pictures back from school!! Isn't he a cutie!

Everything has been pretty to him lately. The trees, family, friends, chicken nuggets...everything. The other day my mother, Nana, asked Joshua if he was pretty...his response, "No, I cute!". 2 years 4 months old.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


On the way home today, when we passed by the field of horses.
Joshua says, "Mama, look, they are grazin'".
"What did you say?", I ask.
"They grazin'. They eatin' grass".
I say, "hahahahahahaha. That is a big word".

It was funny. That is a pretty big 'Z' word. And he used it in the right context.

When we were nearly home he started counting in Spanish, then English, then sang his ABC's and then clapped, "yea, we all done".

He was full of himself on our nearly 30 minute trip home today.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mega Block chair

A few weeks ago, while we were on vacation, Jeff & Joshua built a Mega Block chair. Joshua was so proud of this 'breakable' chair. He would fuss at Jeff & I if we tried to sit in "his"Mega Block chair.

A day or two later, we put in a dinosaur movie, Land Before Time...which, by the way, is not a dinosaur movie he is super interested in. (Cars and Happy Feet work much better!) Anyway, we put in the movie so we could work on other things around the house. Joshua got really quiet, the kinda quiet you get when you are up to no good! When I went to check on him, he was sitting in his Mega Block chair watching the movie. The picture is grainy because there was not good light in the living.

Stay tuned for more vacation pictures..........

Thursday, August 20, 2009

ducks in a row

Joshua loves the water. I think the only reason he asks for a bath each day is so he can play in the water. Today was a swim day at school. He class wound up not swimming because it actually wasn't a swim day...if that makes no sense then you are following along.

On the way home we were talking about that he didn't get to swim today. He asked where Nefi was. I told him Nefi (my sister, Stephanie) is at home. To which he stated, very matter of fact, "I go see Nefi, I go swim". He still hasn't forgotten this and asked about it again at bedtime amongst our good nights. We will have to work in some swimming this weekend.

Joshua in the bath the other night.
One of his favorite bath time activities is lining his ducks up in a row on the edge of the bathtub. He always makes sure that all of the ducks are facing the same direction.

He also in the last month or so discovered that all of his ducks had eyes. He had them all facing inside the bathtub, so they were looking at him and suddenly he exclaimed, "Has eyes! All has eyes, mama". The light bulb above his head shone so bright that I was blinded by his silly-ness!!

After he lines the ducks up, he does this....

Speaking of getting ducks in a row, Jeff and I have been waiting on a deal from HUD and it finally came through. It has been nearly a year since the process was started. It is a relief and a huge headache we hope to never again expierence. This next week we are on vacation. Not do much of anything. Just a few things around town and around the house. We are hoping to get the shed in the backyard down and the sunroom emptied so that it can be torn down.

I also start permamnet on Monday at my work. I had been helping out with refunds since February and they finally decided that they needed another full-time refund person. That is me!! A promotion of sorts, more money and awesome benefits.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today on the way home from school Joshua was finishing off his Cheerios from this morning. We got home and had been home about 10 minutes and he comes to me, with his finger up his nose and our conversation goes like this:

"Mommy get it"
"Get your finger out of your nose."
"Get it, in there"...he sticks his finger back in there.
"Get what, a booger?"
"A snack in your nose? There is a snack in your nose???", I am very confused.
"Yea, in there"...his finger goes back up his nose.

I panicked...I seen an ER trip with long tweezers in my very near future. I called my mom asking what I should do. I got a Kleenex, blocked one nostril and had him blow with the other....sure enough, out came a chunk of Cheerio.

The worst part was that then....he wanted it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

been busy

I've been either busy lately or so tired from being so busy lately that I haven't posted. So here goes.

My 60 Mile Mamas 3-Day team has had a few fundraisers. We have one final Pink Bra contest coming up on August 28. It will be at Papa G's in Bedford at 121 & Harwood. You should come out if you can!!! We had a Pink Bra contest at Baxter's in Hurst a couple of weeks back and I am excited to annouce that we raised nearly $1,000.00!!! It was by far our best Pink Bra contest yet with lots of super fun contestants!

My family has a vacation planned in two more weeks. It seems like an incredibly long two more it is never going to get here. We are not doing much but are looking forward to what we do have planned.

One day last week when I picked Joshua up from school, he met me in the cafeteria with a backpack on. It was not his backpack so we headed back down to his class. His teacher said it was hanging on his hook and assumed it was his. It was a Cars backpack and she knows he loves Cars stuff. Turns out it belonged to a new kid in his class. Joshua was so heartbroken that he didn't get to keep the backpack. He asked/begged/cried/fussed/grumped about a backpack all the way home. I told him that he needed to talk to his Daddy about. When we got home he couldn't wait to get inside to tell Daddy that he needed a backpack. So this past weekend we got Joshua a backpack. On Sunday, before we went running around, I loaded up his backpack with diapers, wipes, changing pad, Magna Doodle, a book and snacks. He carried his backpack everywhere. He didn't like to have to take it off before he could get in his carseat but after a couple of times, he got the hang of it. Once he was buckled in his carseat, he just sat there holding his backpack waiting for the next stop so he could put it back on. It was really cool. And Mommy didn't have to carry the diaper bag...she could carry just her was so empowering for both Mommy & Joshua!

Monday, July 27, 2009

reunion and events

In the past week or so, I haven't really gotten the camera out much, if even at all. Life has been moving fast lately. Seems we have one event after another. This coming week is no different. Tuesday night, I am having a fundraiser at CiCi's in Bedford from 5-9pm. I will get 10% of all receipts placed in the bucket...if you are in the area you should come by. I will be there with balloons for the kids until about 8 (or until I run out of balloons).

On Friday, 7/31, my team is having another Pink Bra contest at Baxter's in Hurst. These are always fun. We have women's categories and men's categories, so you should come by if you can.

This past weekend we traveled to the fine town of Haskell, TX for the annual Lackey Reunion. It is always nice to see everyone and how much kids have grown in the last year. I volunteered my grandfather's branch of the family to handle invitations & entertainment for next year. My siblings and I have had some entertainment ideas brewing for a while now, and we can put them into action. Traveling to Haskell makes me realize that there is more to life than the hustle that tends to consume mine. At one point, I had taken Joshua outside because he was getting a little wild inside and we wondered over to see the horses. There is an arena and youngsters were practicing and qualifying for rodeo events.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

conversations with josh

One night last week Jeff was giving Joshua his bath. The bath was done and Joshua needed to pull his plug. Jeff kept telling him to pull his plug. Finally Joshua says, "Hold on Daddy!". Jeff was speechless.

So today, I get to Joshua's room to pick him up and his teacher, Miss Izela tells me this...Today she was trying to get Joshua for potty time but he was busy playing. She said he finally looked at her and said, "Sela, hold on!". She said after another minute or so, he came over to do potty time.

potty training adventures

A few people had suggested putting Joshua in his big boy underwear and telling him that he couldn't mess them up. After much contemplating, I decided to give this a try. I cleared a good chunk of time that I knew that we would be at the house. We had been in his room, going through toys. Someone had sent me a text and I walked into the office to look at something else. I sat down at the computer and it had been about 7 minutes since I last asked if he needed to go potty.

From behind me I hear, "Uh-oh, I pee-pee."
I turned around as Joshua was stepping back from the puddle on the floor.
"It's okay. Let's go -".
"I splash Mommy".
"We don't splash in our pee-pee. Go, let's go get a pull-up on.".
"Okay" which sounds more like oh-kaaay.

conversations with josh

Here is a funny conversation that I had with Joshua recently...

Heading home from school one day Joshua asked, "My daddy at work?"
Mommy: "No, your daddy is at home."
Joshua: "My daddy at home?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Joshua: "My daddy at home fixin' my dinner?"
Mommy: laughing "No."

Monday, July 20, 2009

5 years

Today my father has been gone for 5 years. So much has happened in 5 years, things that I planned to have happen and many things that I didn't plan. I can remember his last 6 weeks in great detail. I remember him being wheeled from the E.R. room he had been sent to singing "On the road again". They wheeled him everywhere that day doing tests. I remember the E.R. doc that told my Dad exactly what was wrong with him but he needed tests to show it. Those tests showed it all. Cancer. Cancer is a funny thing. It isn't prejudice in anyway, shape or form. It doesn't care what you have done or what you want to do. It doesn't care that you have plans three weekends from now. It doesn't care who you are, who you want to be or you will become. Cancer is horrible.

Looking back, I wish that I would have asked Dad what he wanted to do before he couldn't. I remember asking him once if there was anything I could get him and I can still see his face. Tan with age and steel blue eyes saying, "Time, sweet time". It was the one thing that I couldn't get him. That was the moment that his cancer hit me. It was the single moment in time when I had that 'this is it' feeling. The moment I realized there was no turning back.

I wish I had taken the time to go fishing on the coast with him. We had talked about it many times, but nothing ever came of our talks, there was also tomorrow and next year after all. I wish that I had taken the time to listen more to his stories about his time in the Reserves. I wish that I had taken his advice to heart more often, it was always good advice, but I am very stubborn. Stubborn just like him, probably more so. The advise he gave on the old green swing. In giving advice, especially if he knew I wasn't going to want to hear it, he would look over his glasses at me. I would have to look away because I thought his blue eyes were going to pierce me.

Here is picture dated 11-6-77 with my Mom & Dad, Grandma & Papa (my Dad's parents) & Granny Lackey (my Dad's grandmother). Taken in Haskell at the Lackey Reunion...we will travel out west next weekend for this reunion.
This picture is my dad & I at Queen Wilhelmina State Park. The caption says we are standing in from on the mini train, but it is very hard to see in the picture and it dated 5-28-78. The same mini train that my husband, son & I rode on July 4th of this year.
This picture is at Lake Palestine, I am not sure if it is on the property that we have down there or not. I would say it is, but the area has so many houses nowadays, that you can't just see the lake from the land.
Here are my siblings and I fishing at Sandy Lake in Arkansas. My father taught us the art of catching Perch. The thing about catching Perch is that it is easy. You can pull many out and it keeps impatient people happy cause they are pulling something out of the water. My father took this picture. My arm was in a cast because I broke my elbow rollerskating.
This is at the Texas sign and dated 7-1988. My brother was 5, I had a bad looking perm. But I always remember stopping at the sign for pictures. It is a tradition that I will continue to do with my son. My father was a Texas history buff. I credit him with my love of Texas history and my proud-ness to be a Texan.
This is my father's blue truck. The night before we sold it after his death. My father always drove Ford trucks. The blue-green one would be considered a classic nowadays, the silver one, he crashed into a gas station in and this blue one. I once drove this blue truck to take Dad to a dentist appointment, he didn't want to get into my little car. The truck shimmied and didn't drive like my car. And Dad made me a nervous wreck the entire trip home...a whole 2.5 miles. I miss the old truck and think of him every time I see one like it. The guy that bought the truck, I believe painted it a different color and took the tool box off.
This is the memorial plaque that we got after Dad's funeral. I always thought it was ironic that he died from Lung Cancer and his pipe is in his pocket in this picture.
Taken today at the cemetery. This is the first time I have ever gotten Joshua out of the car/truck at the cemetery. I tried to explain what we were doing, but my words were lost on my 2 year old. Someday he will understand more. I think my father would think that Joshua is a pretty cool kid.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

been a long week

I have tried to have a less busy week. It worked out somewhat well, but this week just seemed to drag by. I made a significant dent in the work that was handed to me in my new position as Refund Analyst.

I scheduled a CiCi's fundraiser for me on July 28th. All people have to do is come in and leave their receipt in the basket and I will get 10% of the evening's sales, will probably be $80-100. I don't feel like I am meeting my goal for the 3-Day. I am working on a couple of other fundraisers for myself, but it is slow going. We do a pink bra contest scheduled for July 31 at Baxter's in Hurst, this will be our third and they are always fun....if we have the right crowd. If you can come out you should.

This morning I went walking with my team, I don't often walk with them. Actually, I have really fallen off the training wagon (see fundraising issue above). The girls are some really nice people. Joshua did good in the stroller for about 2 1/2 hours. He ate a good breakfast when we stopped...fruits & yogurt.

After we got home from the walk, I set out to clean/organize his room. All part of my Mission:Self Organization (more on another blog...coming soon...when I get it organized!). I thought I would try some big boy underwear on him. I stayed on him for about 30 minutes, asking every 5 minutes if he needed/wanted to sit on the potty. Each time the answer was no. Then, I got slightly distracted and missed a 5 minute asking point. At this time we are in the office and I am on the computer. Joshua says, "Uh-oh, I pee-pee". I turned around in my chair and he has taken a step back. I said, "It's okay, let's go sit on the potty now." As I stand up, he says, "I splash" and slams his hands right down into the puddle of pee. Y-U-K!!! "No, we don't play in pee-pee." Potty time and hand washing followed.

We went to my sister's tonight for dinner, dinner lead to pool time. Their pool exploded last weekend at my nephew's party and they have replaced it. Tonight, it was finally ready to be played in. Joshua did so well. He only initially fussed, but was soon kicking his legs and splashing everyone. I am glad he did so well.

Jeff will be home shortly. Tomorrow is semi-planned. Sometimes things just pop up out of nowhere and somethings are planned out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

snapshots....on a sunday

Been super busy for the last 2 1/2 weeks...maybe longer it seems. Someday, it will all slow down right?? Right??? Oh well, here are some pictures to catch you up.
Joshua got his fourth haircut, but only his second professional haircut in June. My longer wavy haired kid would soon be replaced with a shorter, non wavy haired version.

For July 4th weekend, we went to the cabin in Arkansas. My step-dad, David, wanted to make sure we had enough fireworks....we did. And had lots of fun blowing them up. Joshua was indifferent to them, he just wanted to play and ride the 4-wheelers all weekend. Let me put it this way, he would not have gotten off the 4-wheelers if I hadn't made him.

On July 4th, my family trio went up the mountain to Queen Wilhelmina State Park. We stopped at the sign and took a timed family photo...not the best, but the best we could do in 10 seconds.
The whole purpose in going up to the State Park was to ride the miniature train. Joshua thought it was really cool and actually it was a tiny bit cooler at the top of the mountain.
Here he is at the engine.
Also on July 4, we of course went down to the Cossatot River for a swim. The first day we went, Joshua was all excited about going to the river, then we got down there started the hike to the water and he panicked, "no water, I no want water". On Day 2 he couldn't wait to get in the water.
Here he is sporting his new shirt he got at the Cossatot River visitor center, they do not often have little people shirts. Doesn't he look excited to be waving around that American flag? Yeah, I thought so too.
We stopped at the Texas sign for a family pic. Again in 10 seconds you don't get the best. Jeff stepped in a bed of ants when he got out of the truck. So in my running from the truck to the sign, I was having to leap over huge ant beds. I barely made it there in time for the shutter.
The weekend before July 4, we got a trampoline from my mother's neighbor. They have older triplets and were ready for a larger trampoline. It is a perfect size for our backyard and for Joshua. The shed in the background will be coming down soon, as well as, the sun room (you can't see it in the picture). My brother and his friend Josh and my cousin Daniel came over to help cut down some tree limbs in the backyard to make room for it.
On Friday the 10th, my 3-day team had a fundraiser at Baxter's in Hurst. We will have a Pink Bra Contest there on the 31st. You should come out if you can. They are always a lot of fun. On Saturday the 11th, my 3-day team had a fundraiser at the Grand Prairie Air Hogs game. It is a nice stadium. As we were leaving, the Air Hog was coming back around. He said he could take a picture with Joshua and then offered to hold him. Joshua willing leaped into his arms.

Monday, June 29, 2009

been busy

Last week was non-stop it seemed. Well, except for Wednesday, but I was so tired.

Monday I had a wisdom tooth pulled. I had chipped it when I was pregnant and the pain was getting really bad and not tolerable or controllable anymore. Monday night, we had a nice Father's Day dinner with my step-dad, David. It was his first Father's Day with us. He is so entwined into our lives now that it is hard to believe. He takes great care of my mother and it seems he really cares about all of us. He claims Joshua to be his grandson and not Mom's. Joshua loves his Pops. Tuesday night held a meeting for Jeff & I. These meetings are going well and we are meeting less often. Wednesday, my mouth hurt, just like the surgeon said it would. I felt like I had taken a good hit to the jaw. Thursday, I finished up my bra for our Pink Bra Contest benefiting Susan G Komen. The contest was Friday night at Pappa G's in Watagua. Our team did awesome....we raised $840!!! Instead of just taking donations at the door, we asked people to buy tickets to vote for the pink bra they liked the best. It worked out great. We have two other Pink Bra Contest that will be scheduled this week. was so freakin' hot outside. We didn't do much...except ran for the nearest A/C. Saturday night, my mother's neighbor asked if they knew anyone who would want a trampoline. My mother called and Jeff and I were interested. We went down to "look' at it Sunday...and then came home with it Sunday. We had to call in help....many thanks to Jeromy, Josh & Daniel....we cut some limbs off a neighbor's tree that were hanging in our yard and attempted to take out a Crape Myrtle. The chainsaw died, not sure what went wrong. Once it is fixed up, we will finish taking out that tree. The trampoline is in the backyard and Joshua loves it. He thinks it is his for some reason - it is really mine. :)

Potty training has temporarily come to a halt. Joshua can home Friday with a bad diaper rash. It has gotten worse over the weekend. He has no interest in sitting down on the potty and is walking funny because it hurts so bad. He is big on Mommy, Daddy or whoever is available kissing owie's/ the conversation with Daddy goes:
"My butt hurts, Daddy."
"Your butt hurts. I'm sorry. It will get better."
"Kiss it, Daddy." As he pats at this bottom.

Snapshot Sunday is obviously delayed again. Perhaps I should just call it Snapshots and post on any day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

snapshot sunday

Father's Day Edition of Snapshot Sunday.

Just over two years ago, Jeff became a father. Here he is showing Joshua off. He had just brought Joshua out to the nursery. Can you see his smile behind the mask?
This past week has been Father's Day week for Jeff & Joshua. Last Monday, they mowed the grass together. Joshua got to use his Bubble Mower we got him for his birthday.

This morning, Joshua helped Daddy to shave.

After Joshua's bath tonight, they were posing for a picture. Jeff had put his arm around Joshua and without missing a beat, Joshua did the same to Jeff. He loves his Daddy. And without my prompting today, he has been all about Daddy all day today. I had them dressed alike, blue shirts, jean shorts and flip flops. They have the same feet. They were cute dressed alike all day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tonight we sat down at dinner and Joshua as usual mumbled something, but tonight, I understood more of it because it was longer than normal. He said, "God s, Jesus name". I was absolutely speechless. I was trying to find the words, but I was so shocked. We had tried for a while saying a prayer at dinner, but he would jibber jabber through it or eat through it. I am sure they say a prayer at school before lunch. Something simple that all the kids can learn. Jeff didn't know what to say either. I will go to bed tonight happier than I have been in a week. It's is funny how things work out sometimes, you never know who will say the words you really need to hear.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

snapshot Sunday

It has been a busy week...
Wednesday night - baked cake
Thursday afternoon/night - turned cake into cake pops and made choco pretzels
Friday night - Pappa G's fundraiser for the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk
Saturday - worked on bras for Sunday
Sunday worked on bras until time for the 8.0's fundraiser for the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk
The 3-Day Breast Cancer fundraisers are taking a lot of my time lately.

Also on Thursday, I went to see my OB-GYN and guess what.....I am not pregnant. Duh!!..I knew I wasn't. He had me start Metformin. It tastes nasty...I hate chalk-y meds.

Now...time for Snapshot Sunday (on a Sunday!!!)
Tonight at 8.0's in downtown Fort Worth, we had a 3-Day Breast Cancer fundraiser that included at Pink Bra Contest.

Here is Joshua dancing to band playing. At the end of the video he has noticed the lights that were hanging from the trees.

Here are the bras that Steph and I got decorated.

And here is Steph and I modeling them at 8.0's.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bruised up bites

On Monday night, when Jeff put Joshua in the bath he noticed bruising on Joshua's side. Of course, I came to investigate!!!!!!!! Sure enough, Joshua was bruised on his left side up under his arm on his ribs wrapped around to his back. I panicked. I didn't want to think that anyone would have hit him like that at school....or did he get hurt on the boat? He didn't fall on the boat..well, he did, but he caught himself with his face on the seat. Nothing bad and nothing to cause a bruise under his arm. I was getting more ticked that the daycare caused this. I slowly calmed back down. Joshua didn't seem to be in any pain and didn't care if we touched it. He just wanted his jammies on so he could brush his teeth....a highlight of his day, every day. We took some pictures.

This morning, when I got him to school, the bruising looked worse than last night. I showed his teacher and she said she wasn't in his class yesterday, but she would ask the teachers that were. I called mid-day and the school's director still wasn't in. When I got there to pick him up, his afternoon teacher was incredibly apologetic. Apparently, he was climbing on the changing table and had gotten on the middle shelf and it collapsed. His teacher was changing a diaper up top, and when the shelf collapsed, Joshua climbed out and went about playing. The teacher checked him when she was done and he seemed okay, but she never lifted his shirt...after all he got right up and went on playing. She apologized at least 100 times and she feels so bad because of the bruising. Tonight, Joshua still seems just fine. The bruising is more obvious, so it will probably stick around a couple more days.

On another school note...this morning Joshua was bit by his friend Mason. When I got there to get Joshua, Mason came running over and told me, "I bite Josh day". Really?? The kids in his class are always so proud that they bit someone. I am sure it is just an age things. This afternoon though, Joshua bit his girlfriend, Chloe. Mason bit Joshua over a truck and Joshua bit Chloe over a book....isn't that how rabies are spread???

Monday, June 8, 2009

HUGE announcement

On Saturday morning....Joshua....pooped in the potty!!! This is a major accomplishment in the potty training journey!! I was so excited. And very happy that Jeff was home to share in this event. I didn't over react like I did last time....I didn't want to scare him like I did last time.

Also it was funny this weekend, I was hiding in the house and Joshua was walking around looking for me saying, "mommy, moooommeeee, susan, mommy". It was funny.

snapshot sunday on a monday again

Here it is Monday again and Snapshot Sunday is least you are getting it!!!

We had really nice weather last week. Joshua and I took advantage of one evening and played outside for quite a while. He loves to haul his Cars ball around in his dump truck. On Thursday evening, I left Joshua to wash his hands. He had washed them, I had drained the water out and mopped up the counter and left him to dry his hands. Normally within a few minutes he comes and finds me. Well...this time he didn't.

On Sunday we went out on the my brother-in-laws boat with my sister's family. It was Jeff & Joshua first time out on a boat like this for fun. They both did really well....much better than I who was a nervous wreck about Joshua.
Joshua was like a pro. He had little fear and loved to just stand around on the boat...right in the middle. By the end of the day he was looking over the edge and requesting to "git down" into the water. We didn't get a picture of him in the lake because we were all in the lake then.

This is Jeff tubing for the first time. He had an absolute blast. He held on for quite a long time.
Then my baby went out with his Uncle Brandon. Joshua kept one arm up and extended toward the boat for most of his trip. I will spare you the is pretty hard to video well from a moving boat. When they got back to the boat after the ride, we asked Joshua if he had fun, his response, "no". But he sure did like to watch everyone else tube and ski.