Wednesday, February 3, 2010

potty training adventures

Potty training. Sounds easy enough. Yea right. It should called it 'THE IMPOSSIBLE formerly known as Potty Training'. That sounds better. He is getting better. But, with training comes lots of conversations.

A couple weeks back, we had been out to dinner and I drank several glasses of tea and by the time we got home, I had to go. Now! I was rushing Joshua along, get out of the truck, c'mon let's go, Mommy's gotta go. We got in the house and I dropped my purse and jacket and ran to the bathroom. In a few seconds I hear, "Mommyeeeee, Mommyeeee" as I hear little feet running towards the bathroom. I am thinking that there was something out of place and he is just wanting to let me know. He gets to the bathroom door and says, "Make sure your pp is in the hole.". I bust out laughing. At least he is getting the concept, right??

Then in the last week, he was arguing about going to bed. He had had a late nap and didn't want to go to sleep. We had argued back and forth and finally left him in his bed to cry it out. Suddenly, he was calling Mommy and it wasn't in a cry it out kinda way. I opened his door and he was laying on his bed with his hand in his pants saying "I think I pp'd on my on my pillow". "No, baby, those are your tears that have gotten your pillow all wet". Again, at least he is getting the concept, right??