Sunday, March 29, 2009

snapshot sunday

Quick update....I went shopping with Mandy on Saturday and Joshua got new to come....Mandy also scored some excellent new shoes. On Sunday, we went to Leapin' Lizard's with Christina's Crew....part of their quest to find a birthday party hot spot for Adam. The boys had a blast playing and Joshua was exhausted when we were done.

Today was also a day of firsts for Joshua....
His first ever doughnut.

And his first FunDip treat.

Friday, March 27, 2009

it's the weekend...finally

Tuesday...seems uneventful....dinner out, I just don't remember where. Jeff went to work. Blah, blah, blah.

Wednesday...dinner with Mom, David and Steph's crew. Work went like work does. Blah, blah, blah.

Thursday...had a meeting in Plano in the evening after work. It was a business opportunity and it was a good meeting. More to come on this in the coming weeks. Didn't get home until nearly 10pm. My mother had surgery Thursday morning to have her gall bladder taken out. She is doing fine recovering at home for the next three weeks. was a typical Friday at work. I got kudos in a meeting for my work on the refunds. I don't like being singled out for recognition and felt uncomfortable as people above me went on about how well I was doing....and I could tell me teammates didn't really care. No one talks to me anyway....and I really don't care.

Tonight my sister picked Joshua up from school. I went to her house after work for dinner. Once dinner was all over and it was time to go home, things got interesting. You see.....I got Joshua in his seat in the truck. He was all buckled in and I locked his door as usual...I don't want anyone to steal him out of the truck. I had thrown the keys on the dash like I always do. I was talking to my sister about how cold it was and I closed Joshua's door. As the door is shutting I realize that I have just locked my keys and my son in my truck and it is flippin' 30 something degrees outside. I panicked....meaning that tears started flowing. My sister thought I was joking and then went inside to get my brother-in-law, Brandon. Brandon has had other opportunities to break into my truck and has never succeeded. My truck is locked down good. I remembered that Jeff was headed to Dallas so I called him and he had just pulled into the Averitt yard in Grand Prairie. He also thought I was joking, he talked to my sister who confirmed that I wasn't. He dropped his truck and trailer and jumped in the car to head to my sister's. He has a key to my truck. I have an extra key but it was also locked in the my purse. Maybe 30-40 minutes total Joshua was locked in the truck. I was panicked the entire time. I know I gained at least 80 more gray hairs during this time period. Joshua is sister and I kept talking to him through the window. He stayed comfy in the truck away from the whippin' cold wind. Thanks to my Jeffy. At least I am not as bad a mother as this stupid woman or this idiot girl/woman.

Nothing majorly fun planned for the weekend...except to get Joshua some new shoes. The ones he has must hurt his feet as I hear a lot of "oww mama" when I put them on him. And he pulls them off every chance he gets. At least the weekend is here!

Monday, March 23, 2009

another monday down...40 more to go

Just another Monday. Work was work. Joshua was his cute but fussable self. He was full of giggles tonight...and I will gladly take those over fussing. He has been so proud of himself lately. We are constantly hearing, "Josha got it" and "I did it". (We are so proud of him too!) He has learned to climb into and out of the car. We can just unbuckle him and he starts climbing down and out. It will be quite some time before he can do this in the truck. He loves to play outside. Don't ask him to go outside unless you are ready to go out and play....a fit will start if you don't follow through.

I am going to take a few more days off before I start walking. I am having one slight issue and once it is gone, I will start walking again. I am bothered that I am not walking.

My mother is having surgery on Thursday to have her gall bladder taken out. I joked with her about that she couldn't even wait a week after mine surgery to get her one. I'm not convinced she took it as a joke. Either way, it will be nice to not have her in pain. She will be down for a couple of weeks afterward....sounds like time for resting to me.

We checked out a new-to-us BBQ place with Mandy for dinner. It was pretty tasty. Better than the chain we normally go to. Mandy seems to really like her new company and job. I am happy for her and hope all works well this year for her and my brother.

Jeff took his glasses back in today and they verified that the lens had been cut wrong. They are going to redo them and have them ready next Monday. Hopefully this time all will go well. He also had to get the brakes and rotors changed on the car today. I have this song for Joshua from this site that I changed to "vroom vroom went the little red car one day....went vroom vroom grrrinnnd" brakes and rotors don't grind. YEA!!

That's about has just been another Monday.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

snapshot sunday

We have had a busy weekend. Saturday we headed north up to Lewisville with my cousin, Daniel & his wife, Christina. We took our son and theirs to Going the way it is called that because....that is how the parents will be after 3 minutes of the noise level!!! Both Joshua & Adam had a blast. They played, they climbed, they slid & they fussed when they would have to stop for a break.

Since Jeff isn't guaranteed home very often for a full weekend. We took advantage Sunday to get some bluebonnet pictures. I had seen online some beautiful pictures of the area down around Ennis, TX, so we headed south down 45 to go check it out. They weren't quite what I had expected, but it is still early in the season. We did manage to get some full family shots.

Other than that, not much else to report. Tonight all my going and going has worn me out. I started having some pains while we were grocery shopping. Have been trying to take it easy since and am now heading to bed.

Friday, March 20, 2009

things to

On Thursday at work I tried to get everything wrapped up since I would not be there today. I got nearly everything done or done close enough for someone else to finish up. My doctor's office called twice yesterday, both time to change my surgery time. The first time I panicked. I thought she was telling me we would have to change days, but it was only the 15 minutes earlier. Then, they called back around3:30 to move it up again 45 more entire hour earlier than it was originally scheduled. I picked Joshua up and had dinner with Jeromy & Mandy. Joshua loves his Aunt "Mani"...and he is as much a sucker for her as she is for him.

This morning, Friday, we got up early and left the house late....surprise, surprise. We still managed to get to the hospital at 8 a.m. I was prepped and ready for surgery around 9 a.m. Nervous because I would have full anesthesia...I wasn't fully prepared for that. We went back a few minutes after 10 to the holding where they hold cattle before sending them off to slaughter. My doctor came out and talked to us for a few minutes. Then the surgery nurse came out. Then the anesthesiologist came out and said he would give me something to help me start relaxing. I said my good-bye to Jeff and the wheeled me back. When we got to the operating, I slide myself over to the other table and the anesthesiologist said he would give me the other medicines to help me go to thing I knew he was telling me that he was putting an oxygen mask on so that I could start waking up. I hated that after feeling when I could hear voices but didn't really seem to know where I was. And my eyes...they didn't want to open. And when they did...I couldn't see much because I had to leave my glasses with Jeff before I went back. By the time they got me back to my room, I had to pee so bad (sorry...TMI probably). They gave me something to drink, I kept that down and we were cleared to go. Now I am polyp free and on antibiotics for the next 7 days (four times a day) and pain meds as needed. I go to the doctor in two weeks for my follow up. No lifting for one week...I already violated that rule. No shower until tomorrow....check...will do. Go home and rest in bed....yea that was really going to happen.

After we left the hospital, we dropped off my scripts, grabbed lunch and then went to pick up Jeff's new glasses. He looks really good in them. They are a much more flattering shape and color. He is having some trouble adjusting to them....I think it is because they are so bright and shiny.

That is my update...I am going back to the couch to rest while I watch a couple of shows I have recorded. I haven't tried to watch any of them so I would have them this weekend. Laters.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

two more days down, one more to go

Yesterday was a busy day at work. This is my fourth week to work refunds. I am really enjoying it. Tuesday night was busy. I had to work late to get a project finished. I didn't get home until like 7:15 and Jeff was working on dinner. We had an appointment at 8:30 that night and my brother, Jeromy, and sister-in-law, Mandy, showed up around 8 to keep Joshua. I didn't get home until close to 9:30 and got Joshua in bed...he suckers Aunt "Mani" into letting him stay up. (She is a sucker for him.) Jeromy & Mandy left before 10, I think. I messed around the house and hit the sack before 11.

I think I have many shows in the DVR to catch up on. I missed Dancing with the Stars & The Biggest Loser this week. And I know that I didn't record The Biggest Loser. Oh well...I will get all caught up some day soon.

Tuesday morning I also went for my pre-op and registration at the hospital for my surgery on Friday. Blood work, EKG & a chest x-ray. When the lady was taking my blood she had found a really good vein but wasn't pulling anything out of it. She would re-position the needle and still nothing. She kept feeling it and said she was in the vein but still nothing was coming out. She apologized many times and then had to stick me the vein I told her to use the first time. It was no big deal. Needles don't bother me....I can't watch them stick me, but can watch the blood flow out or a liquid flow in, like a shot. The EKG was fine and the chest x-ray must have been fine because I haven't heard anything on that. I go in Friday morning at 9 and go back for my surgery at 11. I will be so glad when it is all done.

Today, was more refunds at work. My brain is exhausted by the end of my work day. Then I get to Joshua's school to pick him up and on his daily paper it has a note..."Sat in time out today for biting". What??? It has been a long while since he last bit. There was no accident report and they said his teacher must still have it and they will get it in the morning. The note goes on to say, "He was really fussy today. He has a bad rash on his butt." I think he is fussy because he is getting molars. He keeps grabbing at his mouth saying - owee, owee, owee. Could be a reason for biting too. His poor bottom....his fair skin....he can't seem to catch a break. All it takes it 30 seconds too long in a dirty diaper and his gets a horrible diaper rash. HORRIBLE!!! I was hoping to let him soak in the bath tonight, but we didn't get home until nearly 11pm. Way past his bed time. He was half asleep, so I just got him some jammy bottoms and put him to bed in his shirt he wore all day. No just works out that way.

Tonight after dinner with my sister, we went for our three mile walk. It was a walk moderate night....the first. I think we actually averaged worse tonight on time than we did our first two nights of walking. Mostly my fault. We all kept stopping to stretch. My leg muscles haven't seen this much workout in a few years...if not longer...probably not since 2002-2003. Oh my...that was a long time ago. In 2002, I gave up red meat and started walking every night. I lost almost 60 pounds that year. It was a good healthy year for me.....then I met Jeff...and now look at me. (Just teasing honey!-love you!!) I need to work on the right stretches before we start walking....and not just stretch for 60 seconds and go walking. I am satisfied with my progress so far. I think I am doing good for living such a sedentary life.

I am needing to get to work early tomorrow since I am missing Friday. So I really need to get to bed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

just another monday

Worked a lot accomplished. I feel like I am starting to fully get the hang of the refunds. Making sure we have all necessary documentation and is it a refund or an adjustment. I am getting better in my verbiage when I have to call a provider about needing more information. We have two new girls on our team and today they went on the phone for the first time. It was funny listening to them....did I sound like that 3 months ago??

Tonight we tried a new Mexican place...well, new to us anyway. Rio Mambo on 121. It was tasty. A bit expensive, especially when you add two alcoholic drinks to the tab. All the kids meals were $4.99. And since we had never been, we opted to get Joshua one...of course he didn't eat but two french fries....then wanted rice and beans off our plates. He could live on rice and beans. Hmmmm....wonder what he would think of cheese covered rice and beans...he would think he had died and gone to heaven.

An update on my giving up french fries....about a week in, I was craving piping hot, nicely salted Wendy's fries. But now...I don't really crave them at all. I look at them and they are starting to look I can see the fatty grease on them. I even felt guilty ordering them for Joshua tonight....the second they set them on the table...I thought, oh no what have I ordered for him. Looks like fries are about gone from my diet just like the coke's I gave up over 10 years ago. If I can do can you!! What are you going to give up???

Tonight, my sister and I walked another 3 miles. I had a harder time tonight. I don't think the shoes I am wearing are going to work. They are Reebok walking shoes, but they have a high arch. I don't. And my foot and leg are compensating for the high arch and it hurts. Next walk, I will use my Saucony's. Tomorrow is an off day for training but I will probably get at least 1/2 walk in to make up for Monday. Remember you can always donate to my cause by visiting my site.

Tomorrow morning I go to the hospital for my pre-registration and blood work. I plan to be there super early....about the time I normally start waking up. So for is bedtime.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

snapshot sunday

We grabbed Taco Cabana for lunch today. Joshua ate some of his rice and beans and refused his quesadilla (as usual) but absolutely loved the red chip bowl that Jeff's condiments (guac, sour cream & lettuce) came in. He ate it all down and then it broke into two pieces and he didn't want it anymore because "I boke it".
It was a nice enough afternoon/evening out today. No real need for a jacket but not quite warm enough for shorts. Joshua woke up from his nap incredibly fussy and I decided that we would go outside to play...that lead to bringing out his tricycle. I really wish we had put the money into the one with a handle...the handle can be removed at a later time....instead we are breaking our backs pushing him...soon enough he will be peddling on his own though.
We followed up trike time with some good old fashion yard play time. Joshua is the King of the Sticks. All sticks laying in our yard become his....because of this...we tend to have a pretty stick free yard...with a pile in one area of sticks.
It has been a crummy week weather wise so I got all of the snapshots for this week today.

an update

I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Seems I am an emotional basket case. I go from happy and friendly to wanting to rip everyone's head off and back again and and again. My surgery is this coming Friday and I am hoping that after that my doctor will help set me in the right path so I can feel normal again.

Wednesday was just another day, I don't really remember anything to major happening. I do remember working my fingers off at work. It seemed like I couldn't get anything right. So Thursday, I took a "me" day off of work. I rested good all day...meaning I hit the bed and was out. Because I slept all day Thursday, I couldn't sleep that night. I remember I tossed and turned all night. Friday was a pretty good day at work, everyone was in a great mood and no one seemed to bother me much. Friday night it was dinner out with family. Saturday was a day of little to do...a trip to the bank, FedEx and that was pretty much it. We stopped into Wal-mart to get dinner makings and Joshua and I had dinner at my sister's.

Friday night, Steph and I registered for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in early November. I have a personal goal of $2,300 to raise before the walk. I have a page for donations...please check it out and tell your friends. Susan's Site If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me! We are beginning our training today with a hopeful three mile walk. We have a schedule to follow and if everything goes as planned by the end of the walk, I will have walked a total of 1000 miles and put in 40 hours of cross training.

Joshua developed a cough Wednesday evening. He coughed through the night and again Thursday night. His paper he brought home from school Friday said he coughed all day. Saturday morning I took him to the doctor and was told it looks like just a cold. I wanted to make sure that there was nothing noticeable brewing, this is going to be a busy week leading up to my surgery. I won't be able to do much Friday or Saturday and really don't want him to be sick. We are going to continue on with our vaporizer, medicine & breathing treatments in hopes that it all goes away.

Snapshot Sunday will be coming up later today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

one two fingers

Why can't it be Thursday??? I wish it particular reason. My day flew by again today at work, mostly because I was busy all day. We have two new girls that just started on my team. One of them will last, the other won't. I give her but a couple of months and they will have a good reason to get rid of her.

Joshua was in a good mood tonight. It was raining when I got to his school, not bad by any means but raining none the less. He was very curious about it. This spring/summer season will really be his first to be aware of the weather. (All holidays this year are going to be super fun too!) And once it stopped raining he talked to me about Owen & Jacob his buddies from school. I don't always understand what all he tells me about them, but I love that he tells me what they did. And I always know who was bad in his class because during the course of this conversation he will say a kids name and then say, be nice. As in, "Josha, be nice, Josha". Today it must have been Jason who was bad at school. Today on the way home he also changed his ABC song. It now goes, "A-B-C-D-Q-R-S-T-U-V-Now I know my know my A-B-C-D". He seems to always sing the 'know my' twice...I think it is funny. And as a surprise to Mommy today, we were nearly home and he shouted Mommy and said one, two, three and held his fingers up for one and two but not yet three...that will take a little longer. I was so impressed that the guy behind me had to honk to get me to go since the light was green.

That is my update for today. We had dinner with Jeromy & Mandy tonight. I like having dinner with them and Mandy loves getting her Joshua time. (He is helping spread the baby fever in her direction.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

happy birthday jeff

I had a good day at work though I don't feel I was super productive. This whole day seems to have flown by. Perhaps time is still springing forward for me. Today was my husband Jeff's birthday. He is a whopping 35 years old....actually he is 34 but I have been teasing him all day about being 35. We had dinner out at a great Italian restaurant that he loves. Well, he loves them for their desserts. They do have pretty awesome desserts and when you join their club you get a dessert free on your birthday. He seemed to enjoy it. Several family members came, but I didn't tell him about it. When we got there I told the lady that we had a reservation under Susan and she said for 10 + high chairs....busted....Jeff knew people where coming then. When we got home, Jeff gave Joshua a bath...I am thankful for this. Lately, Joshua hasn't been willing to take a bath. He was doing great and then we had to temporarily move him to our bathroom while we were redoing his and now....he hates taking a bath. He doesn't mind playing in the empty tub, but put water in there and he hates it. I am glad I didn't have to argue with him about it...Jeff did. That is about all that I have, I am turning in early tonight just because I can.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

snapshot sunday

Second installment of Snapshot Sunday brings two pictures and a video.

Finds from the Mid-Cities Just Between Friends Sale

Finds from the Fort Worth Just Between Friends Sale

And in honor of Daddy's birthday...Joshua and I put together this video. It actually took us nearly 4 minutes of videoing to get this was well worth it!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

bathroom is done

No computer problems tonight so I can actually update.

Thursday turned into a long day at work. I left late and was stressing about not getting to Joshua on time. Everyone I called didn't much for back up. They all called back later. But it all worked out because when I got to Joshua's school there was a note on the door about lice. Yes, lice. When I walked in the convo went like this, "Did you see the note?" "Yes, was it in his class?" "Yes." "Dang-it!". Apparently an after schooler brought it in to the daycare and has a sibling in Joshua's class. Both siblings had it but so far none of the other kids in Joshua's class have turned up with them. Thank God!!! Here I am all glad that we have been three straight weeks with no illness (I know I shouldn't even be typing it much less saying it out loud) and then Bam! this happens. I checked Joshua's head when we got home and seen nothing that looked unusual to me. His hair was full of dirt from playing outside....which is not uncommon for my little monkey. I gave him a bath Thursday night, mostly because he needed one because he was filthy and again checked his head and nothing. I checked again this morning and still nothing. Thank God!!!

Today my brain worked too many numbers...I feel as if I worked a whole day in accounting. I am loving the challenge that is coming with my job and learning new things. But it is leaving me exhausted at the end of the day.

This weekend will be busy. We have consignment sales to hit (there are two in our area this weekend), I need to get my truck to my brother-in-law for an oil change and stuff & we have to get some of the papers for our house redone and more information gathered up to Fedex on Monday. I also need to do a little grocery shopping.

And BIG NEWS!!!!!! ALERT!!!! My surgery has been scheduled for March 20th. Isn't that exciting??? My mother seems to think so as her response was "good, you get the surgery and then we have more babies". Joshua is really to an age where he is needing a sibling. He is old enough and mature enough to understand a baby. And he would love to have someone to rough house with. He rough housed with his cousin, Ethan, tonight for at least 20 minutes.
Also the bathroom update pictures have been uploaded onto check them out

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

one of those days

I haven't been sleeping well. I have had a lot on my mind lately and just lay in bed with my mind racing every night. I haven't climbed in bed before midnight in over a week. I am averaging going to bed around 2 which makes it difficult to get up early for work in a few hours. I am irritable and angry and frustrated all at once. I think that my hormones are out of whack again, with me coming off my birth control, there is nothing to regulate them. It frustrates me that without them, I am like this. I will talk to my doctor about it soon. I will call the office again tomorrow to follow up about getting my surgery scheduled. Sadly, I came off my birth control because it was costing a lot of money since it was not covered by insurance. I could have gotten on a daily pill, but that is just not an option for me...not a good one anyway. They tend to not work in controlling my other issues, that is why I have been on the patch for many years. I can't concentrate at work. My lack of concentration is just one of the things I have been stressing about. I am stressing so much that I feel like my blood pressure is way up. It doesn't take much of a rise for me to notice but lately I feel like it is way way up.

I have also been having an issue with my truck this week, an unusual noise. My truck occasionally has an odd issue that will come up. Nothing major has ever been wrong with it and I am thankful for that. I stopped by my brother-in-law's tonight and of course it wouldn't make the flippin' noise...that is what always happens. Joshua was in a great mood over there and played with everyone as much as he could given that they were trying to fix dinner. Joshua and I came home and he turned into this screaming kid. SCREAMING is an understatement for what he morphed into. He wanted a drink and I just couldn't get it fast enough. And apparently, he wanted milk and I gave him juice. I was trying to cook dinner and feeling very rushed with someone SCREAMING in the background. He wanted to be held and I can only do so much cooking holding a whining kid. I finally put him in his chair and got him some snacks...apparently they just weren't good enough for him and back to SCREAMING he went. He pushed the plate across the table, the cracker mix went flying all over. I smacked his hand for this and that went over oh so very well...SCREAMING ensued. He continued SCREAMING for about 10 more minutes and finally starting crying for his monkey. I went and got monkey and instantly it was quiet and good in Joshua's little world. If anything ever happens to will be the end of my world. I never wanted him to be quite so attached to a lovey, but sometimes I appreciate monkey....and oddly enough....I tell monkey that I appreciate him often. Anyway...I get dinner done, get Joshua's plate together so it can cool. Set it up in front of him and he picks up a piece of chicken says hot and starts SCREAMING some more. Now, I know that his chicken is not hot...heck mine ain't even hot at this point. He pushed him plate away and instantly started whining to get down. After five minutes, I thought I would save my sanity and get him down. I got him down and he collapsed on the floor SCREAMING. Apparently he wanted to be in my lap. I got him up and sat him on my knee. I continued eating and he picked up his cup and started drinking. He emptied his cup and requested in a very nice tone that he wanted more juice. I got him tea instead and he didn't even know. Then he decided that he wanted his plate so I moved his chair all the way over next too me and he and half chicken strips...about 3 inches x 1 inch of chicken. That is all he ate for dinner. By the time dinner was finished, it was his bedtime....I stretched it 30 more minutes and then put him to bed. After dinner he and I played in the living room and he was happy as a clam....a clam who didn't eat much for dinner.

I am going to get the trash out and take something to help me hopefully get some sleep.

late update or is it early

So, there is a house four houses down from us. They have this little brown little, I mean maybe 5 pounds with all his hair...shaved down...maybe 3. So this little mutt as he will be further referred to has irresponsible parents. His parents let him run around the yard unsupervised and he therefore, runs into the street to chase your vehicle. Yes, 5 pounds vs. 2000....that is what is happening. And it is bound to happen sooner or later this mutt is going to get hit. I don't even slow down anymore when this mutt comes charging out. I am a dog lover, but for this dog, I am losing my patience. One day when Jeff was driving, the dog came running out. It was the first time Jeff had seen this and the mutts owner was standing by his truck laughing. Laughing?!? I told Jeff just to drive on and he was afraid of hitting this mutt. I am no longer afraid. I am concerned on another issue with this same mutt. One day the mutt's mom chased this dog down to my yard as I was getting Joshua out of the truck. She said they adopted this dog and then found out that he is not good with children. This mutt tends to nip/bite at her in turn....they let mutty run around outside....leash he can chase my truck tires and bark. I am a dog lover but have never been a fan of 5 pound dogs. I like to have a know...a substantial use of space kinda dog. Dogs that don't yip & yap. I have called Animal Control but of course they come out and mutty isn't out and about. My HOA president says we should send a complaint via the website each day and/or speak with mutty's parents about this. Several complaints on this dog will get a Animal Control Tech out to speak with mutty's parents. Sometimes I wish that I didn't have Joshua in the truck with me and I would pick mutty up and take him to the FW Animal Shelter isn't that far from my house anyway. And I have a crate that mutty will fit be continued....

And as a follow up to my post from Saturday....this is the story I was referencing...
Accused Pot Mom Denies Endangering Kids Police claim women smoked marijuana beside children

Monday, March 2, 2009


Today at work our portal (our main system which hold every-freakin-thing possible) went down. And then came up for 5 minutes and went down. And came up for two minutes and went down. This is pretty much how it was all day until 5pm when they took it down for good. Seems an update didn't go well. All of this made for an incredibly unproductive day. There will be lots to do the next few days to get caught back up.

Joshua had a great day. He has been singing "A-B-C-D, Now I know my A-B-C-D's" over and over again. He often sings the song and has now changed his version to this. He has gone through periods of singing L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-A-B-C and then for a while it was A-B-C-D-E-W-R-S-L-M-N-O-P. His newest version is very cute. It makes me laugh that he is catching on the last line about knowing his ABC's. He also has his own version of Twinkle Twinkle that he sings. He has been Daddy's buddy the last couple of days and it ain't bothering me one bit. It is nice to get to do a few things without him standing right up under me. And it has been a while since he has taken to Daddy so well.

We had a slight plumbing issue tonight. Jeff did get it fixed and the crisis was resolved. We have this extra faucet in our kitchen that gives you this nasty tasting all the good stuff was taken out. It was leaking and he just bypassed that part of the pipes since we never use it. At least that is my girl version of what happened. We followed this up with pancakes, eggs & sausage for dinner all of which I made....and it was tasty as usual. I make a good pancake if I do have to say so myself.

Been a long day of waiting around and I am heading to bed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

snapshot sunday

Welcome to my first Snapshot Sunday here at Susanigan's blog.

School of metal fish I got this weekend for the bathroom.

Joshua had cereal with milk in a bowl for the first time this weekend.

He did pretty good overall with it.

I have also uploaded pictures on to flickr for your viewing enjoyment.