Monday, March 16, 2009

just another monday

Worked a lot accomplished. I feel like I am starting to fully get the hang of the refunds. Making sure we have all necessary documentation and is it a refund or an adjustment. I am getting better in my verbiage when I have to call a provider about needing more information. We have two new girls on our team and today they went on the phone for the first time. It was funny listening to them....did I sound like that 3 months ago??

Tonight we tried a new Mexican place...well, new to us anyway. Rio Mambo on 121. It was tasty. A bit expensive, especially when you add two alcoholic drinks to the tab. All the kids meals were $4.99. And since we had never been, we opted to get Joshua one...of course he didn't eat but two french fries....then wanted rice and beans off our plates. He could live on rice and beans. Hmmmm....wonder what he would think of cheese covered rice and beans...he would think he had died and gone to heaven.

An update on my giving up french fries....about a week in, I was craving piping hot, nicely salted Wendy's fries. But now...I don't really crave them at all. I look at them and they are starting to look I can see the fatty grease on them. I even felt guilty ordering them for Joshua tonight....the second they set them on the table...I thought, oh no what have I ordered for him. Looks like fries are about gone from my diet just like the coke's I gave up over 10 years ago. If I can do can you!! What are you going to give up???

Tonight, my sister and I walked another 3 miles. I had a harder time tonight. I don't think the shoes I am wearing are going to work. They are Reebok walking shoes, but they have a high arch. I don't. And my foot and leg are compensating for the high arch and it hurts. Next walk, I will use my Saucony's. Tomorrow is an off day for training but I will probably get at least 1/2 walk in to make up for Monday. Remember you can always donate to my cause by visiting my site.

Tomorrow morning I go to the hospital for my pre-registration and blood work. I plan to be there super early....about the time I normally start waking up. So for is bedtime.

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