Sunday, March 15, 2009

snapshot sunday

We grabbed Taco Cabana for lunch today. Joshua ate some of his rice and beans and refused his quesadilla (as usual) but absolutely loved the red chip bowl that Jeff's condiments (guac, sour cream & lettuce) came in. He ate it all down and then it broke into two pieces and he didn't want it anymore because "I boke it".
It was a nice enough afternoon/evening out today. No real need for a jacket but not quite warm enough for shorts. Joshua woke up from his nap incredibly fussy and I decided that we would go outside to play...that lead to bringing out his tricycle. I really wish we had put the money into the one with a handle...the handle can be removed at a later time....instead we are breaking our backs pushing him...soon enough he will be peddling on his own though.
We followed up trike time with some good old fashion yard play time. Joshua is the King of the Sticks. All sticks laying in our yard become his....because of this...we tend to have a pretty stick free yard...with a pile in one area of sticks.
It has been a crummy week weather wise so I got all of the snapshots for this week today.

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