Tuesday, March 10, 2009

one two fingers

Why can't it be Thursday??? I wish it was...no particular reason. My day flew by again today at work, mostly because I was busy all day. We have two new girls that just started on my team. One of them will last, the other won't. I give her but a couple of months and they will have a good reason to get rid of her.

Joshua was in a good mood tonight. It was raining when I got to his school, not bad by any means but raining none the less. He was very curious about it. This spring/summer season will really be his first to be aware of the weather. (All holidays this year are going to be super fun too!) And once it stopped raining he talked to me about Owen & Jacob his buddies from school. I don't always understand what all he tells me about them, but I love that he tells me what they did. And I always know who was bad in his class because during the course of this conversation he will say a kids name and then say, be nice. As in, "Josha, be nice, Josha". Today it must have been Jason who was bad at school. Today on the way home he also changed his ABC song. It now goes, "A-B-C-D-Q-R-S-T-U-V-Now I know my know my A-B-C-D". He seems to always sing the 'know my' twice...I think it is funny. And as a surprise to Mommy today, we were nearly home and he shouted Mommy and said one, two, three and held his fingers up for one and two but not yet three...that will take a little longer. I was so impressed that the guy behind me had to honk to get me to go since the light was green.

That is my update for today. We had dinner with Jeromy & Mandy tonight. I like having dinner with them and Mandy loves getting her Joshua time. (He is helping spread the baby fever in her direction.)

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