Saturday, August 30, 2008

routine change

On Thursday & Friday at Joshua's school, they did some different things with him and his classmates. They provided them new activities and a change of scenery. They all got to go outside first thing in the morning and then got to play with the 18-month olds in the afternoon. This resulted in no biting on Thursday & a busted in the act of biting on Friday for Joshua. This biting thing is bothersome. I don't want to be the mom of the kid that gets kicked out of daycare for biting.....doesn't that give him a permanent criminal record??? He doesn't try to bite Jeff or I, but seems to try with everyone else when he gets mad.

A long weekend, that I would love to have been out of town for. But current circumstances are keeping me in town. That whole stay-at-home-mom-of-the-kid-who-goes-to-daycare thing is a bit part of it, but so is out can't-get-here-soon-enough vacation at the end of September. Instead of playing in the river in Arkansas this weekend I will be working on flowers for my mother's wedding and finishing up things for the consignment sale, in addition to other every weekend things that are done every weekend.

Earlier I had asked Joshua a question about if Chanci had whacked him with her tail. He looked at me and gave me this Elvis lip, cocked his eyebrow up and said huh? It was so funny. When I laughed he started laughing. It was a moment I will treasure. He has that little kid laugh that is so contagious. But then back to reality. It is 10:30 and I have already changed 4 very dirty diapers this morning. Not quite as cute.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One month from today

Tuesday at school, Joshua was bitten by a classmate. Today, Wednesday, at school, he bit a classmate. It seems to happen in the afternoon between 3 & 3:30. I am going to see if they might can have him do something new the next couple of days maybe starting at 10 minutes 'til 3. Perhaps this will help. My brother in law said tonight that all the kids must have alarms set to go off at 3 that are to start biting each other. I think it is just one kid in his class, I will ask about that in the morning as well. I wonder if this would be happening at his old school if he were still there? And if it was still happening, would we even know? One of the many things we like about his new school is the amount of feedback that we get each day about his goings on.

My husband successfully got out of spaghetti three nights this week. I think that I will force it next week. We really don't have the money to keep eating out all the time anyway. It is not that he doesn't like my spaghetti, it is that he just doesn't like spaghetti. His father always fixed it when he was a kid. I hope to not burn my kids out on certain foods so that they detest them when they are older. And for the is only one kid others are on the way.........yet. :)

I have decided to consign some things at the Just Between Friends Sale in Fort Worth. I am gathering, hanging & tagging the items so they can be dropped off on Tuesday. I sold a couple of things on eBay. And we are having a garage sale in three more weekends.

In five more weekends we take off on month from today actually! I can hardly wait. I know the longest part of our trip is getting from Fort Worth to Flagstaff, AZ. After that I don't think it will be too hard. I think the hardest planning has been our Las Vegas stop, aside from where we wanted to stay, it is difficult coming up with things to do with two 16 month old boys. We (the adults) are not looking to gamble but I think we may have come up with enough options for our time there.

Our third stop is Jeff's parents. We are popping in for Jeff's Dad's 65th birthday. He doesn't know that we are coming, just like he didn't know when we surprised him for his 60th birthday. Jeff's dad wants to go this Pirates Dinner Adventure place for his birthday. It is supposed to be like a Medieval Times but with pirates. Sounds like swashbuckling fun! The next day we are going to do a Hollywood Tour of sorts. See the sites in that area.

Then we are heading off to San Diego. We are going to the world famous San Diego Zoo. I think this will be exciting. I am trying to make this Joshua's first trip to the zoo...granted we are traveling all the way to San Diego for this. I hope he enjoys it. My husband is probably least looking forward to the just isn't his cup of tea...err...soda. We are going to spend the other day in San Diego seeing sites and taking a land and sea tour.

Our trip will be rounded out with a stop for the night in Las Cruses, NM & then on home to Fort Worth. I must be patient for the next month to pass.....but I am so freakin' excited about it all!!!

I am going to stick with the new blog, I do think I like it better, and the options that it provides.

Monday, August 25, 2008

checking up on bites

Joshua had his 15 month check up today, one week after the surgeries. He is a normally little boy. Near the middle of the growth charts and growing at the same and normal pace as he has been. He is 31 inches tall & 23.8 pounds. A chunky monkey but just under the 50th percentile for his weight & just over on his height. Speaking of being a monkey, he climbs on just about anything if he can. He barely cried today at the doctor's office, but he didn't like the shot lady at all, but was still nice enough to her to wave and say bye-bye....always a flirt. Off to school he went where he actually ate all the food's that they offered. He had gone on a eating strike, barely eating anything in the last 10 days. It was becoming annoying given that he has always been such a good eater. At the house, the newly installed cabinet locks in the kitchen are working out great. He now plays with his FridgeDJ more often in the kitchen. Tonight he scored some awesome new shoes...they feature Lightening McQueen with lights....our first pair of shoes with lights.

Joshua has been doing well at his new school. He did bite one of his classmates last week. He had another kid's shoes and the kid came to get their shoe, Joshua bit the kid. Not good. Then this past weekend. He had something at my sister's house that he wasn't supposed to have, when my niece reached in to get it from him, he bit her. Not good. I was talking to him about no biting and he plain-as-day said bite and bit his arm. So he knows what bite means, now to convince him that he doesn't need to bite. He is working on getting more teeth again and this may have something to do with it, but I think it is more just a phase. We are going to try some new punishments for the biting. (Everyone has an opinion. :)

Our trip is just 5 weeks away. I can't wait. I feel like we are ready to go just waiting for the clock to tick by. I want to pack, but I know it is to early. In the meantime, there are many other things to do. Labor Day weekend is planning a whole lot nothing. Maybe some crafty stuff with my sister & a trip to the outlet mall. The next weekend is my mother's wedding. The next weekend is the garage sale. The next weekend is packing weekend. And the next weekend we leave!!!

I have really enjoyed planning this trip. I haven't been on a vacation like this since high at least 14 years. It is going to be a lot of fun.

We tried out a new restaurant tonight...The Wooden was pretty tasty. My baked chicken was good, as were the mashed potatoes, green beans & cream corn. I hadn't had cream-style corn in a long time.

My First Blog

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