Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One month from today

Tuesday at school, Joshua was bitten by a classmate. Today, Wednesday, at school, he bit a classmate. It seems to happen in the afternoon between 3 & 3:30. I am going to see if they might can have him do something new the next couple of days maybe starting at 10 minutes 'til 3. Perhaps this will help. My brother in law said tonight that all the kids must have alarms set to go off at 3 that are to start biting each other. I think it is just one kid in his class, I will ask about that in the morning as well. I wonder if this would be happening at his old school if he were still there? And if it was still happening, would we even know? One of the many things we like about his new school is the amount of feedback that we get each day about his goings on.

My husband successfully got out of spaghetti three nights this week. I think that I will force it next week. We really don't have the money to keep eating out all the time anyway. It is not that he doesn't like my spaghetti, it is that he just doesn't like spaghetti. His father always fixed it when he was a kid. I hope to not burn my kids out on certain foods so that they detest them when they are older. And for the is only one kid others are on the way.........yet. :)

I have decided to consign some things at the Just Between Friends Sale in Fort Worth. I am gathering, hanging & tagging the items so they can be dropped off on Tuesday. I sold a couple of things on eBay. And we are having a garage sale in three more weekends.

In five more weekends we take off on month from today actually! I can hardly wait. I know the longest part of our trip is getting from Fort Worth to Flagstaff, AZ. After that I don't think it will be too hard. I think the hardest planning has been our Las Vegas stop, aside from where we wanted to stay, it is difficult coming up with things to do with two 16 month old boys. We (the adults) are not looking to gamble but I think we may have come up with enough options for our time there.

Our third stop is Jeff's parents. We are popping in for Jeff's Dad's 65th birthday. He doesn't know that we are coming, just like he didn't know when we surprised him for his 60th birthday. Jeff's dad wants to go this Pirates Dinner Adventure place for his birthday. It is supposed to be like a Medieval Times but with pirates. Sounds like swashbuckling fun! The next day we are going to do a Hollywood Tour of sorts. See the sites in that area.

Then we are heading off to San Diego. We are going to the world famous San Diego Zoo. I think this will be exciting. I am trying to make this Joshua's first trip to the zoo...granted we are traveling all the way to San Diego for this. I hope he enjoys it. My husband is probably least looking forward to the just isn't his cup of tea...err...soda. We are going to spend the other day in San Diego seeing sites and taking a land and sea tour.

Our trip will be rounded out with a stop for the night in Las Cruses, NM & then on home to Fort Worth. I must be patient for the next month to pass.....but I am so freakin' excited about it all!!!

I am going to stick with the new blog, I do think I like it better, and the options that it provides.

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