Saturday, August 30, 2008

routine change

On Thursday & Friday at Joshua's school, they did some different things with him and his classmates. They provided them new activities and a change of scenery. They all got to go outside first thing in the morning and then got to play with the 18-month olds in the afternoon. This resulted in no biting on Thursday & a busted in the act of biting on Friday for Joshua. This biting thing is bothersome. I don't want to be the mom of the kid that gets kicked out of daycare for biting.....doesn't that give him a permanent criminal record??? He doesn't try to bite Jeff or I, but seems to try with everyone else when he gets mad.

A long weekend, that I would love to have been out of town for. But current circumstances are keeping me in town. That whole stay-at-home-mom-of-the-kid-who-goes-to-daycare thing is a bit part of it, but so is out can't-get-here-soon-enough vacation at the end of September. Instead of playing in the river in Arkansas this weekend I will be working on flowers for my mother's wedding and finishing up things for the consignment sale, in addition to other every weekend things that are done every weekend.

Earlier I had asked Joshua a question about if Chanci had whacked him with her tail. He looked at me and gave me this Elvis lip, cocked his eyebrow up and said huh? It was so funny. When I laughed he started laughing. It was a moment I will treasure. He has that little kid laugh that is so contagious. But then back to reality. It is 10:30 and I have already changed 4 very dirty diapers this morning. Not quite as cute.

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