Monday, September 1, 2008

shocking bites

We had a bit of a busy weekend....many activities crammed in.

On Saturday I with mom to pick up her wedding rings. She had ordered them and asked them to sauter them attach them so they all stay together. We drove over to the shop off 75 to pick them up. Stopped for lunch then came back to my house to work on Mom's flowers. We never started on the flowers because she had to scoot home around 5 for a wedding. My cousin came over for a bit and we went to dinner with my sister. It was a late dinner and Joshua didn't eat very good. He was pretty good all day. I don't recall any bad or good things about his activities that day.

On Sunday, we were going to go to church with my sister, but that didn't work out. It seems every Thrusday & Saturday night, I can't sleep. I remember the 3 am Home Improvement coming on, but do not remember it going off. I was not ready to get up at 7 or even 7:30 on Sunday morning. I will plan next Saturday night differently and try to get Joshua & I to church on Sunday morning.
Sometime before lunch, Joshua and I were in our office and I was working on the computer and he was playing in the floor next to me. We have an photo printer that I had sitting on a box and he was moving the box all around. I was afraid he was going to knock the printer off, so I unplugged it and set it on my desk. I left the cords laying there without thinking much, as well as, leaving the box there. He was moving the box all around. In a minute or so, I heard this faint sad little cry. I was trying to figure out what the sound was when I looked down and see Joshua pulling one of the cords out of his mouth. Then, he is crying with his tounge out brushing it off like it hurts. The cord was from the printer to my computer. It must have shocked him. It took several minutes for him to calm down. I grabbed his drink and we went and sat on the couch until he was all better, all the while, he is trying to wipe this taste from his tounge. I was a bad mom and should have tucked the cords back behind the computer. It was shockingly funny to this bad mom. Like when you were dared as a kiddo to test the 9 volt battery on your tounge.
Jeff got home in time for dinner. My sister and I worked on Mom's flowers for her wedding next weekend. As a note, my mother has chosen to not use real flowers. Personally, I prefer to work with real flowers when doing arrangements. We had dinner and then played my niece's Boogie game on the wii at my sister's. I think this is one wii game that Jeff is really wanting to get.

Monday morning, Joshua woke up covered in bug bites....again! It hadn't happened in so long! But, there is this one blanket that he has. When I stopped using it before he stopped getting the bites. I had washed the blanket and put it up, but this weekend had needed and dug it out. He had used the blanket a couple of times and it was in his bed most of the day. There are either bugs in the blanket that didn't come out or die in the wash or he is allergic to something in the blanket. We have thrown the blanket away. I changed all his bedding things and we have been keeping him on allergy meds & Tylenol all day. My poor baby! These bug bites look a little different...almost not like bites but like welts. When his allergy meds wore off, he would be scratching them all. My poor baby! We bathed him tonight and then put his anti-itch cream we had to use before on his bites. He was falling asleep before he was even in his bed. We did buy him a new blanket to replace the bad, mean but incredibly cute blanket we threw away today.

Our consignment things are nearly all together for the sale next weekend. The cable man comes out tomorrow to deliver my DVR...I am so excited about getting a DVR. Good-bye satellite, hello DVR from the cable company.

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