Thursday, September 4, 2008

more mountain dew at work

At school Joshua picked up the sign language for "more" in "more" cookies mommy. And when he does the sign language he says "mo", it is so cute. I inquired today as to if they are teaching him sign language. They are not, but that little girl Chloe in his class is. Her mommy is teaching it to her & she has taught it to Zachary & now Joshua. It is working great for us. I had wanted to do more sign language with him, but it takes a lot of effort & paying attention to every opportunity to use it. I am too on the go for that. But, we have really started using it. And since he has caught on so well, I am really thinking about going forward and trying to teach him to say "thank you" via sign language.

Overall Joshua is doing great. He still eats just about anything. He still rejects soda' my delight. However, we have discovered that he likes Mountain Dew. I hate Mountain Dew, I think it is one of the worst soda's on the market and I have never even tried it. I don't drink soda's at all. Since I gave them up over 10 years ago, they just taste nasty to me and burn my throat & stomach up. (Aside.....I can't believe it was 'over 10 years ago'.....I was 20 when I gave soda's up....I am getting old.) Joshua loved his daddy's Mountain Dew...just great, of all the soda's for him to like. He tried Jeff's Mountain Dew Code Red tonight and rejected it.

I started a new job yesterday, on a temporary basis for now. It has the possibility of going perm. Since I agreed to take this job, I have had three other job offers. Two of which would have kept me in the insurance field. I gave my word to give this position a try and I will. My first day was kinda boring sitting at the front desk. I watched everything that was happening. All the comings and goings of the company that happened in the lobby. Every was nice and greeted me as the "new helper". What a person to be....this is Susan the New Helper. I should get that put on my temp badge! Today picked up a little. This afternoon I was invited back to help on a couple of other things going on in with my group. They seem to all be fairly nice people and I am trying not to judge them all to early.

Jeff & I went and dropped our things off at the consignment sale on Tuesday night. It was interesting to see how it all worked. There was so much stuff there. I am going tomorrow night with Christina & Daniel to shop for some things and then we will go back on Sunday night for 1/2 price night. I can't's like shopping at clearance prices...only better!!

My mother's wedding is this Saturday. Still sounds weird to say. I am glad that she is marrying someone who takes good care of her. And someone that I for the most part get along with. My sister is baking cakes tonight and will be icing them tomorrow night. Good luck to her with all that fun. Also, my cousin Daniel & his wife Christina found out today that they are having a baby girl. I am happy for them. Their family will be complete. It makes me wish that Jeff & I could hurry up and get pregnant. But we will, when we are ready. God will make us wait for the right time, I know.

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