Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip to Las Vegas

Ready to leave for our trip on Friday, Jeff's work delayed his home arrival time. He would not get home until 11:30. Also on Friday, Daniel went from feeling fine to feeling sickly in a matter of hours. A trip to the doctor showed that he had the flu & so did Adam. We all decided that we would go ahead with the trip afterall we have been planning for over a year. Daniel & Adam's doctor gave them both Tamiflu, as well as, some for Christina. I called Joshua's doctor and he reluctantly called in a prescription for Tamiflu as a preventative. The pharmacist recommended Jeff & I take Airborne. That stuff is nasty and I am not sure that it worked. I am sickly. I have bought Robitussin in Vegas and am taking that. Jeff is trying to hold out, but he doesn't get sick too often. Joshua is coughing but between the Tamiflu & Mucinex he is hanging in there.

When we went to pick up the rental van, we were basically given our choice of vans. We picked out a Toyota Sienna that was really nice, but where told that it must be serviced before renting again. We are driving a 2009 Dodge Caravan - dark red in color. When Daniel drove it out of the parking spot at the airport it had 72 miles on it. The side doors have windows that roll down which is great for picture taking. The boys are having fun riding in the back. The van is pretty comfy. As of now we have 1,486 miles on this van.

We wound up leaving home at 6am. Made the trip to Claud, TX where we stopped for gas. We fed the boys MacNCheese. Adam fell on the bench and busted his lip. We also made one other little town stop for McDonald's breakfast. Back in the van and off to the New Mexico. We stopped at the Welcome Center which was very nice & clean. There was a room where we could let the boys run around and run off some energy. They were running around and we were ready to go. As I blocking Adam so he could be gotten his Daddy was telling him one more time. Needless to say, he tripped over my foot and went face first into a corner. He has a mark down his nose & upper lip. Great look for vacation pictures. By today the scab that had formed on his upper lip is gone. It never actually bruised which was my great concern.

We drove into Arizona in the dark, so we didn't stop, the boys were already asleep. But is was a Tee Pee visitor center. Also, we stopped in Albuquerque, NM for dinner...at a Shoney's. It was all you can eat steak. Jeff & Daniel had two steaks. Albuquerque was a nice little town. I could live there. In Arizona, we over to Flagstaff, AZ and from there the next 16 hours were horrible. We get to our hotel....motel....and the bar is hopping with people outside, parking is limited as a result. Our room is way away from the bar thankfully. We got in the room and the bathroom floor was sticky, the tub didn't seem clean to me and the sheet on our bed wasn't a fitted sheet, it was a flat sheet so it keeping creeping over exposing the mattress. As we all settle into bed we realize that our room is not getting cool. We have the A/C pushed down to 60 and it is not getting any cooler. Daniel & I walked over the office to complain about it. This guy with a horrible comb over...aka Dorkus Maximus to the nth degree....came to the room to look at it. We moved the sleeping boys on their cots out of the way. He looks at it and says it is running. I don't even think he touched it. He offered a $15 discount if we talked to the manager. He said something about that the temp outside it what is determining the A/C temp. What?!?!? He suggested we sleep with the window open as it was going to get down the 40 that night. He could move us to another room, but it would have been a smoking room. With two 16 months old & a pregnant woman & two people sickly with flu like symptoms, a smoking room is not an option! We managed to sleep through the night in a comfortably cool room thanks to 40 degree outside. It was cool, but not cold to me by any means. The next morning we got up and got ready to head out. I walked over to the office to ask about the $15 I had to speak to the manager about. She advised that the A/C was working so there would not be a discount. If the A/C was working then why the hell did we have to sleep with the window open??? A argument ensued and I advised I would call corporate and take it up with them. Too which she informed me that the A/C units were "top of the line" "newest model" in hotel A/C's. Whatever!!! I started walking off and she wished me a good day to which I turned around looked her in the eye and wished her a shitty day. Walked out the door mumbling expletives loud enough that the cleaning crew was looking my way. By the time I got to the van, I was fully pissed. As was everyone else with my news. But we all agreed to blow this town. We went looking for gas and food and it didn't get any better. We stopped at the historic Galaxy Dinner on Route 66. We ordered breakfast foods. The boys would not sit still or be quiet and then it became a sticky mess. Christina picked up the syrup for her pancake and the lid had not been securely tightened and hot syrup spilled all down her. Her pretty blue top and light khaki capris all the way down the her foot in the sandal. Jeff went to get a wet rag. When the waitress came back to ask how we were doing, she got an earful. She went to get syrup for us again and came back with news that Christina's meal would be comped and offered a free milk shake. Daniel & Jeff had the milkshake with the boys and said it was the best ever. We left there and got gas and blew that town. Never planning to go back to Flagstaff, AZ!! And we don't recommend it to anyone.

Vegas was great, the same as I had remembered it. Lots of lights and crazy drivers. Girls, girls and more girls showing way too much skin. We went to the Fremont Street experience. Joshua seemed to like the show. Stopped in at the Harley Davidson shop and souvenir shops. The next day we wondered around the hotel & down the strip to the M&M store...it was like heaven. 4 floors of M&M stuff. Awesome! Back to the hotel for rest and more tooling around. To bed and we left early this morning to head to Jeff's parents.

Hope y'all are having fun cause we are!!!

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