Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 1/2 weeks left

in 2008!!!

After Joshua's issues last Monday, he has been just fine. He stayed home Tuesday with Jeff and went back to school fine on Wednesday. This week at school he learned some big things. He is absorbing and repeating back so many things right now. He is funny to watch his 'wheels' spin as he is figuring something out. One day this week, on the way home....I think it was Wednesday. We were in the truck on the way home and Joshua and I were singing songs like we always do. We were singing the 'one, two, buckle my shoe' song and I said 'one' and he said 'two, three, four, five.' It was a very cool moment in my mommy-world!! I was so impressed. We did it three more times before he was done with the moment. Now, it takes me a lot of work to coax him into saying it again. On Friday, he came home from school singing along the ABC's. He sings 'A B C D E' and the rest is not the right letters but it the right tune. I am in awe of his little mind at work. He has taken to working on a puzzle. It is an old puzzle that was Ethan's and was given to Joshua, but he loves it all the same. He will spend a good ten minutes dumping the pieces out and putting them in the puzzle and dumping the out again just to put them back in the puzzle. Very cool to mommy, too!!! gives mommy 10 minutes to get something done. Saturday night, he did not want to sleep...he had gone to sleep on the way home from dinner with family, but woke up two hours later around 11 pm. He didn't go back to sleep until 3:30am. Just great. I was so exhausted that I don't even remember the alarm going off to get up for church. Jeff said I talked to him about not going and I don't even remember that. Joshua exploded in the night which confirmed what I was thinking about him having a tummy ache.

My first week at my new job was...well....boring. I basically sat around listening/watching other people do their job. Tomorrow is supposed to bring more formal training and I am excited about that. I am adjusting to working 9-6 which are my new hours. It is strange to not have to rush around in the morning. To be able to eat a quick breakfast with Joshua in the mornings. The traffic is so much better too. All the crazies are already at work.

I am addicted to the Scrabble game on my cell phone. I am playing it every free second I can get. It was a bad move to get it and I knew it at the time but bought the dang game anyway.

We are nearly done with Christmas shopping. We should be completely finished tomorrow. Whoohoo!!!! Go us!!! The hardest part is always deciding what to get everyone. I remember one year I got everyone a gift card....oh...that was an easy year. Next year, I want for Joshua to be able to get a toy for the Toys-To-Tots program. I also want to make sure that Joshua next year knows more about Christmas. This year it is all fun and games for him. He keeps bringing me ornaments off of our tree. And is wowed by Christmas lights on houses, especially his own.

We had a good get together with my cousin's family & my sister's family tonight. We exchanged gifts amongst the families and Joshua scored a play run in a Cars theme and we scored a new Wii game...M&M racing. I love me some M&M's!!!

I reckon that is about all for now.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy seizing possums

The last few days have been cram-packed it seems. Last Wednesday, I had my last interview for a job I had been wanting. I was told I would know something Thursday and didn't hear anything. Then Thursday night/Friday 4:15....I woke up sick. an understatement for what was happening in me. I didn't feel good most of the day and left work early to come back home. I was resting and my phone rang and it was the call I had been hoping for the day before. I had gotten the job. I was asked to start Monday. I had planned on being at work, on my temporary assignment, to let them know, but my sickness prevented this. I temporary agency let my assignment company know and I was all set for Monday.

Friday night, feeling better, I rushed around in preparation for Saturday. Somehow I didn't get to bed until 2 am. I was to be at my sister's at 6:45 am to start the days activities. I didn't even hear the alarm and she called at 6:50 am to wake me up. Lovely. I was fully prepared in the event this happened and Joshua and I were out of the house in record time. We got to Irving, to the train station in plenty of time. We caught the TRE train into downtown Dallas to go see the Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children's Parade. Steph's sister-in-law's family lead us to a great spot to see the parade. Joshua had a blast as did everyone else. It was great to see his awe in looking at the floats. And he danced to all the band music that passed by. He waved at the horses and even gave high fives to some clowns. It was a great experience that I look forward to again next year. A couple of funny notes about the whole experience. When the train got to Union Station downtown, the doors opened so people could get off. Well four people in our party got off then the door shut. We were on the train and none of the doors would open. Mind you, the clowns got on the train at an Irving station. Eventually the doors opened and another half of our party got off. Finally, the doors were opened once again and everyone was able to get off. We caught the light rail over to an area closer and walked several blocks down to our stopping spot. After the parade, we needed to catch the 12:15 train out to get back to Irving in time for afternoon activities. As we are getting near 100 yards from the train.....that's right....the train pulls away from the station. It is gone. We are supposed to be back in Irving around 1pm and the next train didn't leave until 1:15. Fortunately, my brother-in-law did not go with us to the parade because he wasn't feeling well, so he came and rescued us in downtown and brought us back to our vehicles in Irving. My hero of the day!!

Then it was off to the Christmas Party with my dad's family. It is always nice to see everyone. My cousin had a little boy a few months back. I held him for a few minutes. It was so little. It is hard to believe that Joshua used to be that little. Speaking of Joshua....he did not take well to my holding little Nathan. He was not happy about it at all. I thought at one point he was going to break down into tears. My father's cousin read a great book about a Christmas tree that was shared by many and followed it with the real story of Christmas. We exchanged ornaments. Ate tasty snacks and headed home. Saturday night, it worked out just right that Jeff and I got to have a date night. It was the first dinner date he and I have had just the two of us since Joshua was born. It was nice.

Sunday after church we got our Christmas tree up. We decided this year that with a new tree we would try a new topper as well....a bow that we made ourselves. What a hard thing to do when you don't really know how to do it. We worked on it for two hours before we agreed on a bow that looked 'visually appealing'. We still need to get the ornaments on it. But it is a great looking tree as is. We ventured out of the house for grocery shopping.

When we returned from shopping we put Chanci out in the backyard as usual. Within a minute or so she began barking. It was an unusual intentional bark. I went to go and check on her and could tell she was jumping at the back fence, something else she doesn't normally do. I called Jeff. We went out to check on her. She had 'fenced' a possum. This possum was hanging on the the fence for dear life. We got Chanci inside and Jeff took some pictures of the possum.....(look for them on flickr before the end of the year.)

Monday morning brought about my new job. It was an okay day at work. I don't think anyone first day at a new job is ever super duper. It is normally full of paperwork, sitting, introductions to people that you don't even remember the names of and stuff like that. I got a call in the afternoon from Joshua's school that he had gotten sick and needed to be picked up. Jeff sent me a text saying he was going to go get him. Jeff brought him home and Joshua wanted to sleep. After I made it home, I slowly woke him up. About 30 minutes later, he got sick "puked" again, all over mommy. I had noticed his fever seemed high and was searching for a thermometer when this happened. It was high at 103 something. We prepared to take him to urgent care. He got sick again and then we left. Around 7pm or so. I was holding him in the truck, he was not feeling well and was hot and sick and I just wanted to get there before something worse happened. Then it did. We were barely halfway down the street and Joshua's body straightened and tensed and he began having a seizure in my arms. I panicked. Jeff did too for a second. We were trying to get the urgent care and I swear that every freakin' light turned red just as we were getting to it. Jeff called my mother who called the urgent care to tell them we were on our way. When we got there, they rushed us through the process and got him into a room. Then came the poking...urine sample (via cath), strep test, blood work, flu test, chest x-ray. Just what every 18 month old loves have done. In the end, it looks like his sinus congestion and stomach bug were just to much and caused his fever to spike. Now we take antibiotics for 10 days in addition to the shots of antibiotics they gave him tonight. His seizure probably only last 20 seconds, but it seemed like 20 minutes or more to me. Last time he had a seizure, he was in his bed. I am thankful that Jeff was home to help with the sickness and related trip to urgent care. We continue to run a high risk for more febrile seizures until at least age 5. I don't want more....I think half my hair turned gray tonight.

I have now eaten some chicken salad and are taking my mentally and physically exhausted self to bed. I hope even half of this post makes sense.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whoa....two days in a row!!!

Joshua has added "twinkle twinkle" to his song list. He only sings "twinkle twinkle" and does the hand motions as you sing the rest of the song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He also sings "issy bissy" for the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and will do all the motions for it. And there is a song from church about things God made and he does all the motions for that too. It is funny to watch and see his 'wheels' start turning in his head as he puts things together. I had forgotten about going through this stage with my sister's kiddos. When they started figuring things out and connecting the 'dots', it is like a whole new world to them. The same way with Joshua.

We also broke out his potty seat this week. He is having fun playing with it. Taking it all apart. Sitting on chair mode & stool mode. Taking the pee guard in and out...I wish it attached better, but oh well. He has figured out how to make it sing but touching both sensors....yes, it will sing when he makes a 'deposit'. Oh yea, the box provides lots of fun too!

In addition to putting up our Christmas things both inside & out this weekend, we have a parade, party & shopping trip planned. We are planning to go the The Adolphus Christmas Parade on Saturday morning. Then we are Christmas partying with my father's family. Always a sweet time, we don't see them that often and it is always nice to get together. There will be an ornament as always. I like to think that the ornaments that Jeff & I have picked out will be hits with everyone this year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Thanksgiving weekend flew by. We went to Arkansas on Thursday mid morning and returned home Sunday night. It was a great trip despite the rainy weather we had all weekend. Joshua loved to play outside....after all, there was so much to taste out rocks, grass, sticks and such. We rode him around quite a bit on the four wheelers. He kept wanting to fall asleep when he would be ridden around. He did actually go to sleep with Uncle Brandon (a.k.a. Buka Buka). I think he went to sleep riding around with Mom as well.
David fried up two turkeys. One Cajun for the adults and one not Cajun for the kiddos. It was good eating...throw in the stuffing in the new roaster, green bean casserole (my favorite), sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes & cranberry sauce and it was really good eatin'.

On the poll about what Joshua would ask Santa for it was decided that he would ask for......drum roll please....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

the Tricycle. So, now we are off to find a tricycle. Several people sent comments about the safety of a fold-and-go tricycle, so we will look into more in depth & search out similar models.

Also on the Joshua front...two more teeth. He has gotten them in the last couple of weeks...the incisors....the pointy teeth on the bottom.....yea....all grown in now. He is growing like a weed lately it seems. He thinks he is getting big enough to do things and really he is not. He is still my little baby boy...or so I like to think sometimes. He has gotten to where is no longer likes to snuggle on the couch...or even be still for 3 minutes for that matter. He has developed two speeds.....1. Slow - this is reserved for the first 2 minutes after he wakes up. 2. Fast - this is reserved for all other waking minutes of the day.

He has taken to throwing tantrums over everything. I always swore that I wouldn't be that parent that walked away from my screaming child throwing a tantrum. I, my friends, have become that parent. It is really the only thing that will fix the situation. Trying to talk to him to calm him down, scolding him, distracting him, picking him up....none of this works...but walk away and he stops with 60 seconds. Of course I also swore that my kids would never drink sodas, but Joshua does on occasion....with his Daddy. I don't give them to him...his Daddy does. Joshua has a fondness for Mountain Dew. He loves that crap. And I don't drink sodas so his Daddy sneaks him drinks of the stuff.

Joshua just went to the doctor for his 18 month check up. He did have to get one shot & some blood work done. He weighs 26.8 pounds and is 31 inches tall. He has moved into the 2's class at school. He seems to be doing really well over there. He starts in the mornings in the infants room but moves over to the 2's when all the teachers are back from morning school runs.

We went and did Santa pictures a few weekends back. He did really good. He was excited about seeing Santa. Jeff and I had talked about how cool Santa was and what he looks like. When he seen Santa, he bounced up and down showing his excitement. When he got about two feet from Santa...he in ohmygosh, he's real. It was quite funny. The Santa man was great. And we got a spiffy picture from it.

We will put up the Christmas tree this weekend. We are so excited about it. We bought a new tree this year....all pre-lit and fancy. Joshua has been impressed with his Aunt Stephanie's tree, so we will see how it all goes next weekend at home. I am sure that I will be chasing Joshua and Patches (the cat) away from the tree. What fun!!!

I could be missing other things, but I will try to post again soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What does Joshua ask Santa for?

We are having a difference of opinion on what Joshua should ask Santa for. Help us decide by giving your opinion on our poll at the top right of my blog.

The Power Wheels Boy's Sport Quad

The Fold-2-Go Trike by Radio Flyer

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am alive!

Well, well, well.....I guess somebody has really fallen behind on blogging!!!! tsk, tsk, tsk

I didn't have my surgery on Nov 7. I am actually putting the surgery off until late January/early February. Primarily for personal financial husband's wonderful health insurance has a $1000 deductible. And yes, I know that my health is more important than anything else, but I made the decision to put the surgery off for now and I will continue to stand by my decision, even if my husband and family do not. As my nurse practitioner put it, the surgery is emergent but not emergent.

Since my last update, has been the pumpkin patch. Just as much chaos and fun as it always is. Joshua thought the pumpkins were pretty cool. If they were too little, he wanted to hold two of them. He wanted to play in the hay on the hayride and strewn about the pumpkins. I took many pictures and even side-by-sided some to show his changes in a year.

My little monkey turns 18 months next week. The first age I always wanted him to get to be....the other is 3. This year for pumpkin carving, Joshua wanted nothing to do with the pumpkin guts, except for the seeds. He wanted to eat them. He would just say "ewww" and walk big circles around the guts. Next year, Halloween should be more fun for him.

After the pumpkin patch, we had planned a surprise birthday party for my sister who turned 30 in October. That's right, she joined the 30 something crowd. She was very surprised, but suspected something when we got to her house and she noticed vehicles parked in strange places. She had been asked to come into work, but hadn't mentioned it to anyone. She had to call work and explain that she wouldn't be coming in as she had been thrown a surprise party. Plenty of gag gifts were given. There was a coffin cake....that was carried into the house like a coffin in carried after death. It was the death of her youth.....all this while she was wearing her New Kids on the Block shirt she got at the concert. We also had tasty homemade ice cream, which my stomach was still not feeling well enough for. Next up is my mother who turns the big 5-0 this year....that will happen Thanksgiving weekend. Not sure how we will throw a party given the weekends activities. Probably will wait until she gets back home and have one. But sshhhhhhh......she reads this blog.....don't talk to loud about it.

For Halloween Joshua was a pirate. A very cute pirate. He scored lots of candy trick or treating.

Last Thursday 11/6, I got a call from his daycare around noon that he wasn't feeling well and was very lethargic. I was ticked that they had called me yet again to come and pick him up. When I got to the daycare they were concerned about a seizure and his temp was 103.5. I started stripping his clothes off him, that is what I have been told to do when his fever spikes way up, way fast. I took him to urgent care. The doctors do not believe that he had another febrile seizure (he had one on his 11 month birthday), but that he was close to that point. After blood and urine work, he has a bacterial infection. He was given shots of antibiotics that gave him sore legs and a followup antibiotic for 10 days. My little man can't seem to catch a break.

I have been researching potty seats online....I research nearly everything for him before I buy it. I thought I had settled on one, but tonight I found another that I would like to see. He moves into a class next week where there are little potties in the room. We have really been talking to him about diapering and when he is dirty or just wet. He is catching on well to all the talk. Hopefully a potty introduction in the next couple of months will go well. I was reading about this one lady who was saying her daughter was potty trained at 7 son wasn't even crawling at 7 months. And I didn't have the time or energy then to worry about potty training at 7 months....I wonder out loud if she lived beyond the bathroom???

In a quick nutshell, there it is.... oh yea.....Election Day. Congrats to our country for making it an incredible election day. Either way, would have been very cool history. I was turned off by one VP candidate, who just couldn't seem to keep their mouth shut or themselves out of every spotlight. We will see what the next 4 years brings about.

Friday, October 24, 2008

One of those weeks!

This has been one of those weeks when you are glad it has come to a (semi) end!

Joshua stopped eating on Sunday night. This was followed with having to be picked up from school 40 minutes after arriving on Monday. He was exploding....and continued to do so until I don't even know. He also had to be picked up from school today for the same issue. He is still not eating great. Jeff kept Joshua on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon he was sick and exploding. TMI, I know! Jeff didn't leave for work on Wednesday night because of his -ummmm, issues. Now, I seem to have caught it as of Thursday morning. Again, TMI, I know. Flippin' Great!! Not much you can do about it, seems it is a stomach bug going around and last 3-5 days. Flippin' Great!! Jeff did go to work on Thursday night.

On Wednesday, I went back to my OB-GYN for the more in depth sonogram he had ordered. Let me back up a couple of see, the story goes like this........

On Monday Oct 6, after my recent female issues.....warning TMI doctor had ordered a sonogram. The following Tuesday, I went back in to see him about my results. It is never good when they can't just tell you over the phone what the results are. Jeff went with me to this appointment. My doc said that there was "something" on the sonogram that needed a closer look. It could be a fibroid or a polyp. Either way, we are to stop trying a Joshua a sibling until we find out what this "something" is. He ordered a hystrogram....aka a more in depth look at my innards to figure out what this "something" is. The hystrogram was on Wednesday of this week, Jeff didn't go because as I said earlier he was explod---well, you know. I was really hoping for a fibroid as I know the diagnosis and treatment would be easier. No such luck. It is a polyp....not just one but two polyp. I started crying when the doctor told me. I had a million questions going through my head and all I could do was cry. He advised me that polyp are rarely malignant.....but that didn't help to hear. All I could think of was, is this going to cause me to never get pregnant again? I thought I was okay with one child, but all of a sudden, I was panicking at the thought. My doc advised that they would require day surgery to remove. His office called today and my surgery is now scheduled for Nov 7.

All my life...since I was like 15, I have been told how hard it would be for me to get pregnant. How it would require fertility treatments. I never wanted to fully believe it. I remember when my doctor told us to start trying for Joshua and in 6 months if nothing then we would talk about next options. And I remember being sick as a dog for 2 months, getting negative pregnancy tests. I remember being angry that God was playing such a mean trick on me. Am I pregnant or am I not? And I remember the morning I took the test that came back positive. I was so in shock. I remember turning the test over thinking I had it upside down. And watching as two little pink lines appeared. And the reality of two pink lines. I bet I flipped that thing over in my hands 10 times before I really believed that there were two lines. And I remember going to the doctor who was just as shocked as Jeff & I about my being pregnant. And now I wouldn't trade that whole story for anything. Anything. But the thought that it may be the only story....well, I guess that I shouldn't be thinking that way. I am trying to stay positive. But, it is hard. I sit still for too long and I start there cancer growing inside me??? Or is it just ordinary polyps.....of a non-cancerous sort??? Are there ordinary polyps? I should know within about a week of the surgery what the results are of the biopsy.

I am thankful for Joshua. He is a great kid. From his refusal to come out of me, his colic, his refusing to sit up or crawl or walk. I am thankful for the temper tantrums he is learning to throw. There were times where I didn't think I would get to experience those things first hand, with my own child. I love when he says "mama" took forever for mama to come out of his mouth. In thinking about it, I guess he is my little miracle baby.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I finally have all the vacation pictures edited and some posted on Flickr.

The New Kids on the Block concert was cool. I had fun. They did old songs and new songs. They did the songs off their new album that I liked. Between the fan and music noise, my ears were ringing when we left. They did all the old dance moves along with some newer moves. It was funny at times. And the people......30 dressed like they were 15...15 years ago. I should go out like that more often as it was really fun. I will post some pictures on flickr soon from the concert.

Work is going. Just going. Not too fast, not too slow for me lately.

Joshua has been sickly this week. Not eating and such. I hope he gets to feeling better tomorrow or back to the doctor he will go. Jeff picked him up a leather biker jacket. We looked at them several times on our vacation but never seen one in Joshua's size. On Jeff's trip home from Alabama last week, he found one. Joshua looks super cute in it. We showed it to my mother & David tonight. They thought is was super cute too!

That is it for now...I need to get to bed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catching Up

Well, we did make it home from our trip. We did all have a good time.

In the time we have been back, not much else new has been going on. Just work for Jeff & I and school for Joshua.

Joshua has been doing pretty good at school. He did bite his first day back, but I warned them that morning that I was concerned he would. On Wednesday of last week, he was bit at school. A little girl, Chloe, bit him on the arm when they argued over a toy. She went to time-out while Joshua was tended to and got TLC. When she got out of her time-out she stormed right over to him and bit him again, on the same arm. Her mommy had to come pick her up and Joshua still has a mark on his arm from one of the bites. Then the next day at school, he is in the 2 year old room, and he gets whacked on the side of his head with a toy. Whacked. It looked like it hurt. By Friday afternoon the mark was gone.

Last weekend Jeff got home early on Sunday morning. And though I missed church I was very productive that afternoon. We converted Joshua's crib to a toddler bed. He has done great in it. He was so very proud of it being changed. He has yet to fall out of it. And stays in it in the mornings until we go into his room. He scored a monkey from Build-a-Bear on vacation in Hollywood & a giraffe from the San Diego Zoo and they have become his bed mates. They keep his bed safe for him during the day or so that is what I tell him.

Joshua is trying his best to become Mr. Independent. He seems to think that he can do everything that he wants to do by himself. Which is frustrating for me and funny to me, all at the same time! Like with putting pants on. He was to be done when both of his feet are in the legs. Not out the bottom of the leg, just in the leg. But he wants to hold onto Mommy to get his legs in there. We have been working on diaper conditions with him and what he has in his diaper...peepee or poopoo. The other night he kept saying both to me and I was really suprised that he did actually have both. Normally I get a "peepee" but not a "poopoo" from him when I ask. He has learned two songs...5 little monkeys jumping on the bed & pat-a-cake. He tends to like to try to sing both at the same time. Mr. Independent. I know that is the goal but sometimes I wish he could stay little and innocent.

Tomorrow....Sunday, Sunday, the New Kids On The Block concert. My sister won tickets at work and she and I and her two sister-in-laws are all going to the concert. It is at AAC tomorrow night. They don't take the stage until 8....that is freakin' late on a school night! Should be interesting. My sister dug around in her attic and found the box that has all of our NKOTB stuff from way back when NKOTB was cool. Our dolls were in Joey McIntyre and her Jordan Knight dolls. She had almost all of our posters in sheet protectors...what a dork my sister is. She also found some shoe strings that say Hangin' Tough on them and she put them in her shoes and wore them all day today out running around. Our buttons were in that box, as was a T-shirt. The NKOTB cards and a video that had stuff we had recorded on it. We watched the video last night.....what dorks! The video had degraded some being in her attic. My brother-in-law could stand to watch the video so he went to find something else to do. Today he turned 31 and joined my age!!!!

Next weekend is the pumpkin patch. Hopefully it will be more fun for Joshua than it was last year. We picked up his pirate costume the other night so he is set to go trickortreating this year. Should be fun.....I can't even explain how excited I am about Christmas this year!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cailifornia trip

We had a nice visit with Jeff's family.

When we were getting ready to leave Las Vegas, Jeff's sister sent a text message saying that "dad has a lunch date". What?!?!? After 34 years he decided that he needed to have a date! After a year of planning our arrival without his knowledge he picked his birthday to have a lunch date! Major kink in the plans!!! We headed on in to California. It took a little longer than we had planned but was a fun quick trip. When we got to Jeff's parents we got to let the boys run free in the house...the not quite baby proofed house. They enjoyed playing especially with the coffee table....there will be pictures on flikr in a few more days. When Jeff's dad came in, he was said "who's this one?" Not realizing that it was Joshua....why would he....he wasn't thinking that it could be Joshua. When he seen Jeff, he realized that it was Joshua. He was shocked to see us! We visited for a while and had In and Out burgers for lunch. They were tasty! Visited more and then headed down to our hotel to check in. We stayed at a Best Western in Rowland Heights, CA, it was awesome!! Awesome!!!! It was nicer than the Stratosphere room we had. The service at the front desk was great. Parking was good. Cleaning/maid service was great. Towels were great. Comfy bed....I just can't say enough nice things about it. I highly recommend this hotel!

Tuesday night we went to the Pirates Dinner Adventure. It was very cool. A small theater. A big pirate ship. We were on the team for the purple pirate. It was great the villain is the only one who died. Lots of theatrics. Gunshots, cannonballs. They even picked Daniel as a pirate helper. The food was ehh...but then you don't go for the food, you go for the show.

The next day we took our Hollywood Tour. It was cool. We actually never got off the "hop off/hop on" tour. A two hour the heat on top of the open top double decker. It was cool, we seen a lot of places that we otherwise would not have. I would not recommend this tour though, it wasn't fully what I expected. It was hard to hear the tour guide throughout the tour.
At the Kodak Theatre there are little shops....we browsed around and ate lunch at Johnny Rockets and took the boys to Build A Bear. Joshua got a pirate monkey & Adam got a football dog. Joshua loves his monkey. He calls him mon-nee....Jeff says that is because Joshua knows he cost money. We had dinner with Jeff's parents and met our new brother in law. He wasn't hat I expected, but I just hope he and Steph work everything out.

Thursday morning we headed down to San Diego. After arriving at the hotel early and getting checked in, we headed down to Seaport Village. It was a nice area. It came recommended to us by a couple of my account managers from my last job. It is like a tourist area on the beach. Lot of shops and eateries. We also took a Land & Sea tour. We learned about parts of San Diego & out into the bay to see sea lions. There were tons of sea lions.

Today we went to the World Famous San Diego Zoo. It was a very cool zoo. Much cooler than the zoo's in DFW. They truly research and work towards maintaining a great zoo experience. At the SDZoo, the animals were up close, not far away. The giraffes were right there....the elephants right there...the hippos...right there. And their exhibits were amazing.

Tomorrow we head for home....rather to Las Cruses, NM where we are spending tomorrow night. Then Sunday we will head home from there.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip to Las Vegas

Ready to leave for our trip on Friday, Jeff's work delayed his home arrival time. He would not get home until 11:30. Also on Friday, Daniel went from feeling fine to feeling sickly in a matter of hours. A trip to the doctor showed that he had the flu & so did Adam. We all decided that we would go ahead with the trip afterall we have been planning for over a year. Daniel & Adam's doctor gave them both Tamiflu, as well as, some for Christina. I called Joshua's doctor and he reluctantly called in a prescription for Tamiflu as a preventative. The pharmacist recommended Jeff & I take Airborne. That stuff is nasty and I am not sure that it worked. I am sickly. I have bought Robitussin in Vegas and am taking that. Jeff is trying to hold out, but he doesn't get sick too often. Joshua is coughing but between the Tamiflu & Mucinex he is hanging in there.

When we went to pick up the rental van, we were basically given our choice of vans. We picked out a Toyota Sienna that was really nice, but where told that it must be serviced before renting again. We are driving a 2009 Dodge Caravan - dark red in color. When Daniel drove it out of the parking spot at the airport it had 72 miles on it. The side doors have windows that roll down which is great for picture taking. The boys are having fun riding in the back. The van is pretty comfy. As of now we have 1,486 miles on this van.

We wound up leaving home at 6am. Made the trip to Claud, TX where we stopped for gas. We fed the boys MacNCheese. Adam fell on the bench and busted his lip. We also made one other little town stop for McDonald's breakfast. Back in the van and off to the New Mexico. We stopped at the Welcome Center which was very nice & clean. There was a room where we could let the boys run around and run off some energy. They were running around and we were ready to go. As I blocking Adam so he could be gotten his Daddy was telling him one more time. Needless to say, he tripped over my foot and went face first into a corner. He has a mark down his nose & upper lip. Great look for vacation pictures. By today the scab that had formed on his upper lip is gone. It never actually bruised which was my great concern.

We drove into Arizona in the dark, so we didn't stop, the boys were already asleep. But is was a Tee Pee visitor center. Also, we stopped in Albuquerque, NM for a Shoney's. It was all you can eat steak. Jeff & Daniel had two steaks. Albuquerque was a nice little town. I could live there. In Arizona, we over to Flagstaff, AZ and from there the next 16 hours were horrible. We get to our hotel....motel....and the bar is hopping with people outside, parking is limited as a result. Our room is way away from the bar thankfully. We got in the room and the bathroom floor was sticky, the tub didn't seem clean to me and the sheet on our bed wasn't a fitted sheet, it was a flat sheet so it keeping creeping over exposing the mattress. As we all settle into bed we realize that our room is not getting cool. We have the A/C pushed down to 60 and it is not getting any cooler. Daniel & I walked over the office to complain about it. This guy with a horrible comb over...aka Dorkus Maximus to the nth degree....came to the room to look at it. We moved the sleeping boys on their cots out of the way. He looks at it and says it is running. I don't even think he touched it. He offered a $15 discount if we talked to the manager. He said something about that the temp outside it what is determining the A/C temp. What?!?!? He suggested we sleep with the window open as it was going to get down the 40 that night. He could move us to another room, but it would have been a smoking room. With two 16 months old & a pregnant woman & two people sickly with flu like symptoms, a smoking room is not an option! We managed to sleep through the night in a comfortably cool room thanks to 40 degree outside. It was cool, but not cold to me by any means. The next morning we got up and got ready to head out. I walked over to the office to ask about the $15 I had to speak to the manager about. She advised that the A/C was working so there would not be a discount. If the A/C was working then why the hell did we have to sleep with the window open??? A argument ensued and I advised I would call corporate and take it up with them. Too which she informed me that the A/C units were "top of the line" "newest model" in hotel A/C's. Whatever!!! I started walking off and she wished me a good day to which I turned around looked her in the eye and wished her a shitty day. Walked out the door mumbling expletives loud enough that the cleaning crew was looking my way. By the time I got to the van, I was fully pissed. As was everyone else with my news. But we all agreed to blow this town. We went looking for gas and food and it didn't get any better. We stopped at the historic Galaxy Dinner on Route 66. We ordered breakfast foods. The boys would not sit still or be quiet and then it became a sticky mess. Christina picked up the syrup for her pancake and the lid had not been securely tightened and hot syrup spilled all down her. Her pretty blue top and light khaki capris all the way down the her foot in the sandal. Jeff went to get a wet rag. When the waitress came back to ask how we were doing, she got an earful. She went to get syrup for us again and came back with news that Christina's meal would be comped and offered a free milk shake. Daniel & Jeff had the milkshake with the boys and said it was the best ever. We left there and got gas and blew that town. Never planning to go back to Flagstaff, AZ!! And we don't recommend it to anyone.

Vegas was great, the same as I had remembered it. Lots of lights and crazy drivers. Girls, girls and more girls showing way too much skin. We went to the Fremont Street experience. Joshua seemed to like the show. Stopped in at the Harley Davidson shop and souvenir shops. The next day we wondered around the hotel & down the strip to the M&M was like heaven. 4 floors of M&M stuff. Awesome! Back to the hotel for rest and more tooling around. To bed and we left early this morning to head to Jeff's parents.

Hope y'all are having fun cause we are!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Garage Sale Vacations

We had our garage sale this past weekend. We made over $200 that is all going towards vacation. (((We leave tomorrow for vacation.....finally!!!))) This week we have been busy planning, organizing & packing for our trip. It is a lot of things to gather up for the three of us. I have limited what Joshua & I could wear this week. Fortunately for me, I am now wearing uniforms to work everyday. At first I didn't like the whole idea, but I am getting used to it. It is nice to not worry about what to wear each day....just don't tell my husband that.

After being with "Aunt Flo" for 5 1/2 weeks, she has decided that it was time to leave. Thank goodness. I went to the doctor today and he thinks that my PCOS is rearing it's "ugly head" again. He ordered some blood work & a sonogram. The blood work he will compare to my numbers from June. The sonogram to check to see if I might have a polyp. We will see what happens. I go for my sonogram after we get back from vacation. Maybe we were meant to have only one kiddo. Last time, I lost 30 pounds and got pregnant easy. After vacation, I will work on that again. Weight is probably the biggest risk factor I have for PCOS. I have been stressing a lot lately & I know that I stress eat.....junk & any kinda of junk. Plus my new job...I swear there is food every day. And I hear it will only get worse the closer to the holidays that it gets.

We leave for vacation tomorrow night.....well...kinda. Jeff's work is not getting him back home as soon as we wanted. His arrival time will determine our departure time. Since I am not fully packed, I need to get back to it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chop Chop....Kung Fu Fighting

Well, the Just Between Friends consignment sale in Fort Worth has come and gone. We sold quite a few things. We have been planning a garage sale for this past weekend for over a month, but hurricane Ike rained out those plans. So we are trying again this weekend. We will have quite a variety of things to sell at our garage, baby things and general junk. (We may even have a car to sell!...we'll see.) We should get a check from our consignment sale in the next week or so.

Joshua is still doing well. He has really really really started climbing anything. It was just the standard couch, fireplace hearth & coffee tables. Now he has added the rocking chair, the kitchen chairs & trashcans to his list. He is also getting better on the step off the front porch. He still waits for someone to be next to him but he will try to do it himself rather than get a hand. He is learning to do pat-a-cake. And he is really getting good at repeating things back to us, or at least trying. The tubes in his ears have really helped.

Sunday turned out to be a great day here. The weather could not have been more perfect. When my mom came to visit, we took Joshua outside to play in the yard with a ball. It turned into two balls & every stick he could find. He had a grand old time. We even brought Chanci out and he chased her around the yard as best he could calling her name. She, I think, forgot he was there. She was so happy to be outside after having limited times outside on Saturday because of the rain. And Joshua kept his cap on outside the whole time. I was so proud. Ten minutes a day of working with the hat on has paid off!

We also took him on Monday night, Sept 15 to get his first haircut. We took him to Cool Cuts for Kids. He got to sit in a fire truck while the lady cut his hair. It was more of a trim up than anything. And I didn't cry. He did really good for his first hair tears from him either.

My new job is going well. It is a whole lot of unknown before to me stuff to learn. I did miss two days last week as Joshua was sickly. One day I kept him home and the next day the daycare refused to take him. With no insurance right now because my last insurance company has been slow to send me necessary paperwork, we had to pay out of pocket to take him to the doctor & for his prescriptions. So, $200+ later, he is feeling better but does still have a cough.

We leave for vacation in 1 1/2 weeks. I can't wait. It seems like we have been planning forever.
Ahhh mother did get married. There are pictures on my flickr (you will have to go beyond Joshua's haircut pictures). Overall it went great. My mother is now Silly Nilly Willy...meaning that her three names make a funny rhyme.

Oh yea.....I locked my husband out of the house again by accident. This time, he busted the front door in. Lovely. Now I feel that our front door has a weak spot. Oh well, we will look into replacing in the future.

Now...that is about it for now.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

more mountain dew at work

At school Joshua picked up the sign language for "more" in "more" cookies mommy. And when he does the sign language he says "mo", it is so cute. I inquired today as to if they are teaching him sign language. They are not, but that little girl Chloe in his class is. Her mommy is teaching it to her & she has taught it to Zachary & now Joshua. It is working great for us. I had wanted to do more sign language with him, but it takes a lot of effort & paying attention to every opportunity to use it. I am too on the go for that. But, we have really started using it. And since he has caught on so well, I am really thinking about going forward and trying to teach him to say "thank you" via sign language.

Overall Joshua is doing great. He still eats just about anything. He still rejects soda' my delight. However, we have discovered that he likes Mountain Dew. I hate Mountain Dew, I think it is one of the worst soda's on the market and I have never even tried it. I don't drink soda's at all. Since I gave them up over 10 years ago, they just taste nasty to me and burn my throat & stomach up. (Aside.....I can't believe it was 'over 10 years ago'.....I was 20 when I gave soda's up....I am getting old.) Joshua loved his daddy's Mountain Dew...just great, of all the soda's for him to like. He tried Jeff's Mountain Dew Code Red tonight and rejected it.

I started a new job yesterday, on a temporary basis for now. It has the possibility of going perm. Since I agreed to take this job, I have had three other job offers. Two of which would have kept me in the insurance field. I gave my word to give this position a try and I will. My first day was kinda boring sitting at the front desk. I watched everything that was happening. All the comings and goings of the company that happened in the lobby. Every was nice and greeted me as the "new helper". What a person to be....this is Susan the New Helper. I should get that put on my temp badge! Today picked up a little. This afternoon I was invited back to help on a couple of other things going on in with my group. They seem to all be fairly nice people and I am trying not to judge them all to early.

Jeff & I went and dropped our things off at the consignment sale on Tuesday night. It was interesting to see how it all worked. There was so much stuff there. I am going tomorrow night with Christina & Daniel to shop for some things and then we will go back on Sunday night for 1/2 price night. I can't's like shopping at clearance prices...only better!!

My mother's wedding is this Saturday. Still sounds weird to say. I am glad that she is marrying someone who takes good care of her. And someone that I for the most part get along with. My sister is baking cakes tonight and will be icing them tomorrow night. Good luck to her with all that fun. Also, my cousin Daniel & his wife Christina found out today that they are having a baby girl. I am happy for them. Their family will be complete. It makes me wish that Jeff & I could hurry up and get pregnant. But we will, when we are ready. God will make us wait for the right time, I know.

Monday, September 1, 2008

shocking bites

We had a bit of a busy weekend....many activities crammed in.

On Saturday I with mom to pick up her wedding rings. She had ordered them and asked them to sauter them attach them so they all stay together. We drove over to the shop off 75 to pick them up. Stopped for lunch then came back to my house to work on Mom's flowers. We never started on the flowers because she had to scoot home around 5 for a wedding. My cousin came over for a bit and we went to dinner with my sister. It was a late dinner and Joshua didn't eat very good. He was pretty good all day. I don't recall any bad or good things about his activities that day.

On Sunday, we were going to go to church with my sister, but that didn't work out. It seems every Thrusday & Saturday night, I can't sleep. I remember the 3 am Home Improvement coming on, but do not remember it going off. I was not ready to get up at 7 or even 7:30 on Sunday morning. I will plan next Saturday night differently and try to get Joshua & I to church on Sunday morning.
Sometime before lunch, Joshua and I were in our office and I was working on the computer and he was playing in the floor next to me. We have an photo printer that I had sitting on a box and he was moving the box all around. I was afraid he was going to knock the printer off, so I unplugged it and set it on my desk. I left the cords laying there without thinking much, as well as, leaving the box there. He was moving the box all around. In a minute or so, I heard this faint sad little cry. I was trying to figure out what the sound was when I looked down and see Joshua pulling one of the cords out of his mouth. Then, he is crying with his tounge out brushing it off like it hurts. The cord was from the printer to my computer. It must have shocked him. It took several minutes for him to calm down. I grabbed his drink and we went and sat on the couch until he was all better, all the while, he is trying to wipe this taste from his tounge. I was a bad mom and should have tucked the cords back behind the computer. It was shockingly funny to this bad mom. Like when you were dared as a kiddo to test the 9 volt battery on your tounge.
Jeff got home in time for dinner. My sister and I worked on Mom's flowers for her wedding next weekend. As a note, my mother has chosen to not use real flowers. Personally, I prefer to work with real flowers when doing arrangements. We had dinner and then played my niece's Boogie game on the wii at my sister's. I think this is one wii game that Jeff is really wanting to get.

Monday morning, Joshua woke up covered in bug bites....again! It hadn't happened in so long! But, there is this one blanket that he has. When I stopped using it before he stopped getting the bites. I had washed the blanket and put it up, but this weekend had needed and dug it out. He had used the blanket a couple of times and it was in his bed most of the day. There are either bugs in the blanket that didn't come out or die in the wash or he is allergic to something in the blanket. We have thrown the blanket away. I changed all his bedding things and we have been keeping him on allergy meds & Tylenol all day. My poor baby! These bug bites look a little different...almost not like bites but like welts. When his allergy meds wore off, he would be scratching them all. My poor baby! We bathed him tonight and then put his anti-itch cream we had to use before on his bites. He was falling asleep before he was even in his bed. We did buy him a new blanket to replace the bad, mean but incredibly cute blanket we threw away today.

Our consignment things are nearly all together for the sale next weekend. The cable man comes out tomorrow to deliver my DVR...I am so excited about getting a DVR. Good-bye satellite, hello DVR from the cable company.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

routine change

On Thursday & Friday at Joshua's school, they did some different things with him and his classmates. They provided them new activities and a change of scenery. They all got to go outside first thing in the morning and then got to play with the 18-month olds in the afternoon. This resulted in no biting on Thursday & a busted in the act of biting on Friday for Joshua. This biting thing is bothersome. I don't want to be the mom of the kid that gets kicked out of daycare for biting.....doesn't that give him a permanent criminal record??? He doesn't try to bite Jeff or I, but seems to try with everyone else when he gets mad.

A long weekend, that I would love to have been out of town for. But current circumstances are keeping me in town. That whole stay-at-home-mom-of-the-kid-who-goes-to-daycare thing is a bit part of it, but so is out can't-get-here-soon-enough vacation at the end of September. Instead of playing in the river in Arkansas this weekend I will be working on flowers for my mother's wedding and finishing up things for the consignment sale, in addition to other every weekend things that are done every weekend.

Earlier I had asked Joshua a question about if Chanci had whacked him with her tail. He looked at me and gave me this Elvis lip, cocked his eyebrow up and said huh? It was so funny. When I laughed he started laughing. It was a moment I will treasure. He has that little kid laugh that is so contagious. But then back to reality. It is 10:30 and I have already changed 4 very dirty diapers this morning. Not quite as cute.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One month from today

Tuesday at school, Joshua was bitten by a classmate. Today, Wednesday, at school, he bit a classmate. It seems to happen in the afternoon between 3 & 3:30. I am going to see if they might can have him do something new the next couple of days maybe starting at 10 minutes 'til 3. Perhaps this will help. My brother in law said tonight that all the kids must have alarms set to go off at 3 that are to start biting each other. I think it is just one kid in his class, I will ask about that in the morning as well. I wonder if this would be happening at his old school if he were still there? And if it was still happening, would we even know? One of the many things we like about his new school is the amount of feedback that we get each day about his goings on.

My husband successfully got out of spaghetti three nights this week. I think that I will force it next week. We really don't have the money to keep eating out all the time anyway. It is not that he doesn't like my spaghetti, it is that he just doesn't like spaghetti. His father always fixed it when he was a kid. I hope to not burn my kids out on certain foods so that they detest them when they are older. And for the is only one kid others are on the way.........yet. :)

I have decided to consign some things at the Just Between Friends Sale in Fort Worth. I am gathering, hanging & tagging the items so they can be dropped off on Tuesday. I sold a couple of things on eBay. And we are having a garage sale in three more weekends.

In five more weekends we take off on month from today actually! I can hardly wait. I know the longest part of our trip is getting from Fort Worth to Flagstaff, AZ. After that I don't think it will be too hard. I think the hardest planning has been our Las Vegas stop, aside from where we wanted to stay, it is difficult coming up with things to do with two 16 month old boys. We (the adults) are not looking to gamble but I think we may have come up with enough options for our time there.

Our third stop is Jeff's parents. We are popping in for Jeff's Dad's 65th birthday. He doesn't know that we are coming, just like he didn't know when we surprised him for his 60th birthday. Jeff's dad wants to go this Pirates Dinner Adventure place for his birthday. It is supposed to be like a Medieval Times but with pirates. Sounds like swashbuckling fun! The next day we are going to do a Hollywood Tour of sorts. See the sites in that area.

Then we are heading off to San Diego. We are going to the world famous San Diego Zoo. I think this will be exciting. I am trying to make this Joshua's first trip to the zoo...granted we are traveling all the way to San Diego for this. I hope he enjoys it. My husband is probably least looking forward to the just isn't his cup of tea...err...soda. We are going to spend the other day in San Diego seeing sites and taking a land and sea tour.

Our trip will be rounded out with a stop for the night in Las Cruses, NM & then on home to Fort Worth. I must be patient for the next month to pass.....but I am so freakin' excited about it all!!!

I am going to stick with the new blog, I do think I like it better, and the options that it provides.

Monday, August 25, 2008

checking up on bites

Joshua had his 15 month check up today, one week after the surgeries. He is a normally little boy. Near the middle of the growth charts and growing at the same and normal pace as he has been. He is 31 inches tall & 23.8 pounds. A chunky monkey but just under the 50th percentile for his weight & just over on his height. Speaking of being a monkey, he climbs on just about anything if he can. He barely cried today at the doctor's office, but he didn't like the shot lady at all, but was still nice enough to her to wave and say bye-bye....always a flirt. Off to school he went where he actually ate all the food's that they offered. He had gone on a eating strike, barely eating anything in the last 10 days. It was becoming annoying given that he has always been such a good eater. At the house, the newly installed cabinet locks in the kitchen are working out great. He now plays with his FridgeDJ more often in the kitchen. Tonight he scored some awesome new shoes...they feature Lightening McQueen with lights....our first pair of shoes with lights.

Joshua has been doing well at his new school. He did bite one of his classmates last week. He had another kid's shoes and the kid came to get their shoe, Joshua bit the kid. Not good. Then this past weekend. He had something at my sister's house that he wasn't supposed to have, when my niece reached in to get it from him, he bit her. Not good. I was talking to him about no biting and he plain-as-day said bite and bit his arm. So he knows what bite means, now to convince him that he doesn't need to bite. He is working on getting more teeth again and this may have something to do with it, but I think it is more just a phase. We are going to try some new punishments for the biting. (Everyone has an opinion. :)

Our trip is just 5 weeks away. I can't wait. I feel like we are ready to go just waiting for the clock to tick by. I want to pack, but I know it is to early. In the meantime, there are many other things to do. Labor Day weekend is planning a whole lot nothing. Maybe some crafty stuff with my sister & a trip to the outlet mall. The next weekend is my mother's wedding. The next weekend is the garage sale. The next weekend is packing weekend. And the next weekend we leave!!!

I have really enjoyed planning this trip. I haven't been on a vacation like this since high at least 14 years. It is going to be a lot of fun.

We tried out a new restaurant tonight...The Wooden was pretty tasty. My baked chicken was good, as were the mashed potatoes, green beans & cream corn. I hadn't had cream-style corn in a long time.

My First Blog

Used to help me set up my blog. Hope you enjoy.