Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whoa....two days in a row!!!

Joshua has added "twinkle twinkle" to his song list. He only sings "twinkle twinkle" and does the hand motions as you sing the rest of the song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He also sings "issy bissy" for the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and will do all the motions for it. And there is a song from church about things God made and he does all the motions for that too. It is funny to watch and see his 'wheels' start turning in his head as he puts things together. I had forgotten about going through this stage with my sister's kiddos. When they started figuring things out and connecting the 'dots', it is like a whole new world to them. The same way with Joshua.

We also broke out his potty seat this week. He is having fun playing with it. Taking it all apart. Sitting on chair mode & stool mode. Taking the pee guard in and out...I wish it attached better, but oh well. He has figured out how to make it sing but touching both sensors....yes, it will sing when he makes a 'deposit'. Oh yea, the box provides lots of fun too!

In addition to putting up our Christmas things both inside & out this weekend, we have a parade, party & shopping trip planned. We are planning to go the The Adolphus Christmas Parade on Saturday morning. Then we are Christmas partying with my father's family. Always a sweet time, we don't see them that often and it is always nice to get together. There will be an ornament as always. I like to think that the ornaments that Jeff & I have picked out will be hits with everyone this year.

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