Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy seizing possums

The last few days have been cram-packed it seems. Last Wednesday, I had my last interview for a job I had been wanting. I was told I would know something Thursday and didn't hear anything. Then Thursday night/Friday 4:15....I woke up sick. an understatement for what was happening in me. I didn't feel good most of the day and left work early to come back home. I was resting and my phone rang and it was the call I had been hoping for the day before. I had gotten the job. I was asked to start Monday. I had planned on being at work, on my temporary assignment, to let them know, but my sickness prevented this. I temporary agency let my assignment company know and I was all set for Monday.

Friday night, feeling better, I rushed around in preparation for Saturday. Somehow I didn't get to bed until 2 am. I was to be at my sister's at 6:45 am to start the days activities. I didn't even hear the alarm and she called at 6:50 am to wake me up. Lovely. I was fully prepared in the event this happened and Joshua and I were out of the house in record time. We got to Irving, to the train station in plenty of time. We caught the TRE train into downtown Dallas to go see the Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children's Parade. Steph's sister-in-law's family lead us to a great spot to see the parade. Joshua had a blast as did everyone else. It was great to see his awe in looking at the floats. And he danced to all the band music that passed by. He waved at the horses and even gave high fives to some clowns. It was a great experience that I look forward to again next year. A couple of funny notes about the whole experience. When the train got to Union Station downtown, the doors opened so people could get off. Well four people in our party got off then the door shut. We were on the train and none of the doors would open. Mind you, the clowns got on the train at an Irving station. Eventually the doors opened and another half of our party got off. Finally, the doors were opened once again and everyone was able to get off. We caught the light rail over to an area closer and walked several blocks down to our stopping spot. After the parade, we needed to catch the 12:15 train out to get back to Irving in time for afternoon activities. As we are getting near 100 yards from the train.....that's right....the train pulls away from the station. It is gone. We are supposed to be back in Irving around 1pm and the next train didn't leave until 1:15. Fortunately, my brother-in-law did not go with us to the parade because he wasn't feeling well, so he came and rescued us in downtown and brought us back to our vehicles in Irving. My hero of the day!!

Then it was off to the Christmas Party with my dad's family. It is always nice to see everyone. My cousin had a little boy a few months back. I held him for a few minutes. It was so little. It is hard to believe that Joshua used to be that little. Speaking of Joshua....he did not take well to my holding little Nathan. He was not happy about it at all. I thought at one point he was going to break down into tears. My father's cousin read a great book about a Christmas tree that was shared by many and followed it with the real story of Christmas. We exchanged ornaments. Ate tasty snacks and headed home. Saturday night, it worked out just right that Jeff and I got to have a date night. It was the first dinner date he and I have had just the two of us since Joshua was born. It was nice.

Sunday after church we got our Christmas tree up. We decided this year that with a new tree we would try a new topper as well....a bow that we made ourselves. What a hard thing to do when you don't really know how to do it. We worked on it for two hours before we agreed on a bow that looked 'visually appealing'. We still need to get the ornaments on it. But it is a great looking tree as is. We ventured out of the house for grocery shopping.

When we returned from shopping we put Chanci out in the backyard as usual. Within a minute or so she began barking. It was an unusual intentional bark. I went to go and check on her and could tell she was jumping at the back fence, something else she doesn't normally do. I called Jeff. We went out to check on her. She had 'fenced' a possum. This possum was hanging on the the fence for dear life. We got Chanci inside and Jeff took some pictures of the possum.....(look for them on flickr before the end of the year.)

Monday morning brought about my new job. It was an okay day at work. I don't think anyone first day at a new job is ever super duper. It is normally full of paperwork, sitting, introductions to people that you don't even remember the names of and stuff like that. I got a call in the afternoon from Joshua's school that he had gotten sick and needed to be picked up. Jeff sent me a text saying he was going to go get him. Jeff brought him home and Joshua wanted to sleep. After I made it home, I slowly woke him up. About 30 minutes later, he got sick "puked" again, all over mommy. I had noticed his fever seemed high and was searching for a thermometer when this happened. It was high at 103 something. We prepared to take him to urgent care. He got sick again and then we left. Around 7pm or so. I was holding him in the truck, he was not feeling well and was hot and sick and I just wanted to get there before something worse happened. Then it did. We were barely halfway down the street and Joshua's body straightened and tensed and he began having a seizure in my arms. I panicked. Jeff did too for a second. We were trying to get the urgent care and I swear that every freakin' light turned red just as we were getting to it. Jeff called my mother who called the urgent care to tell them we were on our way. When we got there, they rushed us through the process and got him into a room. Then came the poking...urine sample (via cath), strep test, blood work, flu test, chest x-ray. Just what every 18 month old loves have done. In the end, it looks like his sinus congestion and stomach bug were just to much and caused his fever to spike. Now we take antibiotics for 10 days in addition to the shots of antibiotics they gave him tonight. His seizure probably only last 20 seconds, but it seemed like 20 minutes or more to me. Last time he had a seizure, he was in his bed. I am thankful that Jeff was home to help with the sickness and related trip to urgent care. We continue to run a high risk for more febrile seizures until at least age 5. I don't want more....I think half my hair turned gray tonight.

I have now eaten some chicken salad and are taking my mentally and physically exhausted self to bed. I hope even half of this post makes sense.

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