Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 1/2 weeks left

in 2008!!!

After Joshua's issues last Monday, he has been just fine. He stayed home Tuesday with Jeff and went back to school fine on Wednesday. This week at school he learned some big things. He is absorbing and repeating back so many things right now. He is funny to watch his 'wheels' spin as he is figuring something out. One day this week, on the way home....I think it was Wednesday. We were in the truck on the way home and Joshua and I were singing songs like we always do. We were singing the 'one, two, buckle my shoe' song and I said 'one' and he said 'two, three, four, five.' It was a very cool moment in my mommy-world!! I was so impressed. We did it three more times before he was done with the moment. Now, it takes me a lot of work to coax him into saying it again. On Friday, he came home from school singing along the ABC's. He sings 'A B C D E' and the rest is not the right letters but it the right tune. I am in awe of his little mind at work. He has taken to working on a puzzle. It is an old puzzle that was Ethan's and was given to Joshua, but he loves it all the same. He will spend a good ten minutes dumping the pieces out and putting them in the puzzle and dumping the out again just to put them back in the puzzle. Very cool to mommy, too!!! gives mommy 10 minutes to get something done. Saturday night, he did not want to sleep...he had gone to sleep on the way home from dinner with family, but woke up two hours later around 11 pm. He didn't go back to sleep until 3:30am. Just great. I was so exhausted that I don't even remember the alarm going off to get up for church. Jeff said I talked to him about not going and I don't even remember that. Joshua exploded in the night which confirmed what I was thinking about him having a tummy ache.

My first week at my new job was...well....boring. I basically sat around listening/watching other people do their job. Tomorrow is supposed to bring more formal training and I am excited about that. I am adjusting to working 9-6 which are my new hours. It is strange to not have to rush around in the morning. To be able to eat a quick breakfast with Joshua in the mornings. The traffic is so much better too. All the crazies are already at work.

I am addicted to the Scrabble game on my cell phone. I am playing it every free second I can get. It was a bad move to get it and I knew it at the time but bought the dang game anyway.

We are nearly done with Christmas shopping. We should be completely finished tomorrow. Whoohoo!!!! Go us!!! The hardest part is always deciding what to get everyone. I remember one year I got everyone a gift card....oh...that was an easy year. Next year, I want for Joshua to be able to get a toy for the Toys-To-Tots program. I also want to make sure that Joshua next year knows more about Christmas. This year it is all fun and games for him. He keeps bringing me ornaments off of our tree. And is wowed by Christmas lights on houses, especially his own.

We had a good get together with my cousin's family & my sister's family tonight. We exchanged gifts amongst the families and Joshua scored a play run in a Cars theme and we scored a new Wii game...M&M racing. I love me some M&M's!!!

I reckon that is about all for now.

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