Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I finally have all the vacation pictures edited and some posted on Flickr.

The New Kids on the Block concert was cool. I had fun. They did old songs and new songs. They did the songs off their new album that I liked. Between the fan and music noise, my ears were ringing when we left. They did all the old dance moves along with some newer moves. It was funny at times. And the people......30 dressed like they were 15...15 years ago. I should go out like that more often as it was really fun. I will post some pictures on flickr soon from the concert.

Work is going. Just going. Not too fast, not too slow for me lately.

Joshua has been sickly this week. Not eating and such. I hope he gets to feeling better tomorrow or back to the doctor he will go. Jeff picked him up a leather biker jacket. We looked at them several times on our vacation but never seen one in Joshua's size. On Jeff's trip home from Alabama last week, he found one. Joshua looks super cute in it. We showed it to my mother & David tonight. They thought is was super cute too!

That is it for now...I need to get to bed.

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