Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catching Up

Well, we did make it home from our trip. We did all have a good time.

In the time we have been back, not much else new has been going on. Just work for Jeff & I and school for Joshua.

Joshua has been doing pretty good at school. He did bite his first day back, but I warned them that morning that I was concerned he would. On Wednesday of last week, he was bit at school. A little girl, Chloe, bit him on the arm when they argued over a toy. She went to time-out while Joshua was tended to and got TLC. When she got out of her time-out she stormed right over to him and bit him again, on the same arm. Her mommy had to come pick her up and Joshua still has a mark on his arm from one of the bites. Then the next day at school, he is in the 2 year old room, and he gets whacked on the side of his head with a toy. Whacked. It looked like it hurt. By Friday afternoon the mark was gone.

Last weekend Jeff got home early on Sunday morning. And though I missed church I was very productive that afternoon. We converted Joshua's crib to a toddler bed. He has done great in it. He was so very proud of it being changed. He has yet to fall out of it. And stays in it in the mornings until we go into his room. He scored a monkey from Build-a-Bear on vacation in Hollywood & a giraffe from the San Diego Zoo and they have become his bed mates. They keep his bed safe for him during the day or so that is what I tell him.

Joshua is trying his best to become Mr. Independent. He seems to think that he can do everything that he wants to do by himself. Which is frustrating for me and funny to me, all at the same time! Like with putting pants on. He was to be done when both of his feet are in the legs. Not out the bottom of the leg, just in the leg. But he wants to hold onto Mommy to get his legs in there. We have been working on diaper conditions with him and what he has in his diaper...peepee or poopoo. The other night he kept saying both to me and I was really suprised that he did actually have both. Normally I get a "peepee" but not a "poopoo" from him when I ask. He has learned two songs...5 little monkeys jumping on the bed & pat-a-cake. He tends to like to try to sing both at the same time. Mr. Independent. I know that is the goal but sometimes I wish he could stay little and innocent.

Tomorrow....Sunday, Sunday, the New Kids On The Block concert. My sister won tickets at work and she and I and her two sister-in-laws are all going to the concert. It is at AAC tomorrow night. They don't take the stage until 8....that is freakin' late on a school night! Should be interesting. My sister dug around in her attic and found the box that has all of our NKOTB stuff from way back when NKOTB was cool. Our dolls were in Joey McIntyre and her Jordan Knight dolls. She had almost all of our posters in sheet protectors...what a dork my sister is. She also found some shoe strings that say Hangin' Tough on them and she put them in her shoes and wore them all day today out running around. Our buttons were in that box, as was a T-shirt. The NKOTB cards and a video that had stuff we had recorded on it. We watched the video last night.....what dorks! The video had degraded some being in her attic. My brother-in-law could stand to watch the video so he went to find something else to do. Today he turned 31 and joined my age!!!!

Next weekend is the pumpkin patch. Hopefully it will be more fun for Joshua than it was last year. We picked up his pirate costume the other night so he is set to go trickortreating this year. Should be fun.....I can't even explain how excited I am about Christmas this year!!!

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