Monday, March 9, 2009

happy birthday jeff

I had a good day at work though I don't feel I was super productive. This whole day seems to have flown by. Perhaps time is still springing forward for me. Today was my husband Jeff's birthday. He is a whopping 35 years old....actually he is 34 but I have been teasing him all day about being 35. We had dinner out at a great Italian restaurant that he loves. Well, he loves them for their desserts. They do have pretty awesome desserts and when you join their club you get a dessert free on your birthday. He seemed to enjoy it. Several family members came, but I didn't tell him about it. When we got there I told the lady that we had a reservation under Susan and she said for 10 + high chairs....busted....Jeff knew people where coming then. When we got home, Jeff gave Joshua a bath...I am thankful for this. Lately, Joshua hasn't been willing to take a bath. He was doing great and then we had to temporarily move him to our bathroom while we were redoing his and now....he hates taking a bath. He doesn't mind playing in the empty tub, but put water in there and he hates it. I am glad I didn't have to argue with him about it...Jeff did. That is about all that I have, I am turning in early tonight just because I can.

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