Friday, March 6, 2009

bathroom is done

No computer problems tonight so I can actually update.

Thursday turned into a long day at work. I left late and was stressing about not getting to Joshua on time. Everyone I called didn't much for back up. They all called back later. But it all worked out because when I got to Joshua's school there was a note on the door about lice. Yes, lice. When I walked in the convo went like this, "Did you see the note?" "Yes, was it in his class?" "Yes." "Dang-it!". Apparently an after schooler brought it in to the daycare and has a sibling in Joshua's class. Both siblings had it but so far none of the other kids in Joshua's class have turned up with them. Thank God!!! Here I am all glad that we have been three straight weeks with no illness (I know I shouldn't even be typing it much less saying it out loud) and then Bam! this happens. I checked Joshua's head when we got home and seen nothing that looked unusual to me. His hair was full of dirt from playing outside....which is not uncommon for my little monkey. I gave him a bath Thursday night, mostly because he needed one because he was filthy and again checked his head and nothing. I checked again this morning and still nothing. Thank God!!!

Today my brain worked too many numbers...I feel as if I worked a whole day in accounting. I am loving the challenge that is coming with my job and learning new things. But it is leaving me exhausted at the end of the day.

This weekend will be busy. We have consignment sales to hit (there are two in our area this weekend), I need to get my truck to my brother-in-law for an oil change and stuff & we have to get some of the papers for our house redone and more information gathered up to Fedex on Monday. I also need to do a little grocery shopping.

And BIG NEWS!!!!!! ALERT!!!! My surgery has been scheduled for March 20th. Isn't that exciting??? My mother seems to think so as her response was "good, you get the surgery and then we have more babies". Joshua is really to an age where he is needing a sibling. He is old enough and mature enough to understand a baby. And he would love to have someone to rough house with. He rough housed with his cousin, Ethan, tonight for at least 20 minutes.
Also the bathroom update pictures have been uploaded onto check them out

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