Monday, March 23, 2009

another monday down...40 more to go

Just another Monday. Work was work. Joshua was his cute but fussable self. He was full of giggles tonight...and I will gladly take those over fussing. He has been so proud of himself lately. We are constantly hearing, "Josha got it" and "I did it". (We are so proud of him too!) He has learned to climb into and out of the car. We can just unbuckle him and he starts climbing down and out. It will be quite some time before he can do this in the truck. He loves to play outside. Don't ask him to go outside unless you are ready to go out and play....a fit will start if you don't follow through.

I am going to take a few more days off before I start walking. I am having one slight issue and once it is gone, I will start walking again. I am bothered that I am not walking.

My mother is having surgery on Thursday to have her gall bladder taken out. I joked with her about that she couldn't even wait a week after mine surgery to get her one. I'm not convinced she took it as a joke. Either way, it will be nice to not have her in pain. She will be down for a couple of weeks afterward....sounds like time for resting to me.

We checked out a new-to-us BBQ place with Mandy for dinner. It was pretty tasty. Better than the chain we normally go to. Mandy seems to really like her new company and job. I am happy for her and hope all works well this year for her and my brother.

Jeff took his glasses back in today and they verified that the lens had been cut wrong. They are going to redo them and have them ready next Monday. Hopefully this time all will go well. He also had to get the brakes and rotors changed on the car today. I have this song for Joshua from this site that I changed to "vroom vroom went the little red car one day....went vroom vroom grrrinnnd" brakes and rotors don't grind. YEA!!

That's about has just been another Monday.

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Rhymes and More.. said...

coming over to your blog from NTFFC. I see that u have a 21 month old...i just started a blog for lil might like it. hope you find time to stop by.