Saturday, February 28, 2009

the wrinkles

Friday night I was too tired to stay up late to blog. Joshua and I hung out at the house. We played and played and played. And finally at 9:30 he was ready for bed. I figured that since it was Friday night, he could stay up a little later....I hadn't really planned on a whole hour later, but it worked out just fine. Friday at work was another busy day and another day of learning something new. By Friday afternoon, my brain was on information overload. I am thankful to have a job that challenges me and I am thankful that I have a supervisor and team lead who are giving me opportunities to learn and grow. It is not often that you find a company that can actually let you grow and doesn't mind you learning new things. I think so many people in lead positions and above don't want people under them to over succeed and over take their position in the company. A downside but an upside as well at work right now is that a week or so ago a lady from my team was fired over a PHI issue. And now this week another lady from my team was fired for attendance issues. That leaves my team down to two people and one team lead. I know they are getting ready to bring in someone new because I hear the talk. It will be interesting to see who this new person is.

Joshua was in an exceptionally good mood today. He has been chatty and took naps when he could today. No major outbursts all day. Mom and I stopped into Hobby Lobby today to pick her up some things. I wound up finding some super cute accessories for the bathroom that I went ahead and got.....and pictures will be coming tomorrow!! We also stopped into Lowe's to see if they carried clear switch plate covers....btw...they do not. They used to carry them but can no longer order them. A quick stop at Wal-mart to get milk and picture hanging supplies and a even quicker stop at the dollar store for hangers (for the JBF Fort Worth Sale) and we were back home. Ah, yes....Sweet Tomatoes with my sister's family for lunch before they headed off the a day loaded with fun things to do.

When we got home, my mother and this ingenious idea to put my brand spanking new vinyl shower curtain in the dryer to dewrinkle it. I disagreed and said it wouldn't work but we went ahead with it anyway. 5 minutes later we go in to check it and I could feel the tears welling up in my my mother pulled out this matted, shriveled, wadded, shrunken piece of what was once my kid friendly, fish themed shower curtain. I had based the entire bathroom redo on this shower curtain and now it is so cooked together that....I just don't know how to describe it. My mother called my husband to explain what happened and that she will find another one for us. My husband immediately got on eBay and found one. It offered a buy it now and he bought it now and Mom paid for it via her PayPal. So by next weekend I should have a brand spanking new vinyl shower curtain that I certainly won't be putting in the dryer. Who cares if it is wrinkled???? Not me!!!....the wrinkles will work themselves out.

Jeff should be home tomorrow around noon. And we will have to go grocery shopping and to Sam's....doesn't that sound fun?

I am tired of seeing stories on the news of people who would rather do things instead of being with their kids. They would rather go for a night of smoking/drinking and wind up losing their kids. And the people that would share these activities with their kids who are barely old enough to complete sentences tick me off even more. There are so many people out there who want children and can't have them and then some people are blessed with multiple children and do such awful things to them and with them...I just don't understand. I know everything happens for a reason. And I know what goes on in my own house....and I know that I would not do anything to hurt Joshua or bring pain to him in anyway. And these mothers and fathers don't care about their kiddos. They care more about themselves and party hardyin until they kill themselves or their kids in the process. Some people just don't deserve to have children. And then there are the mothers and fathers who decide that they can't raise their kids and dump them on grandparents or siblings to take care of. What kind of crappy person must you be to do this? What kind of person walks away from that cute little face that looks up to you and clings to your soul? How does one do this.....a heartless person? A careless person? A horrible person!! I might can see both sides of many things, but this is one topic that I have never and will never see both sides too.

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