Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have been slow and unmotivated all day. This morning on the way to work, at two different lights, the person behind me honked to make me realize the light was green. I think I am not getting enough sleep. I think that I will go to bed early tonight. I couldn't concentrate on work stuff today and didn't get much done at all. As much as I like my job, and I really do, I just don't seem to fit in with my co-workers. It doesn't really bother me all the time, but today, with my unmotivated, non-focused self, it did. I don't know how to fix it. I am not from the 'hood or even necessarily know how to get to said 'hood.

Joshua was full of energy tonight. He was bouncing off the walls at some points. His fussing episodes are getting somewhat better. He will start fussing and then stop to make sure I am aware of the fussing about to happen. I usually am 10 steps ahead of him on them. He is getting funnier in his fussing episodes and I am finding them more and more cute. I think it is funny that to watch him test his limits. It is amazing to watch him grow up. This morning I finally got a yes answer to a question. He was asking for more at breakfast. I asked if he wanted a banana and he looked at me and said "yea". A yea that you'd hear just before the word duh. But it was a form of yes and I will take it! I was so happy. And tonight he actually took an interest in his potty again for the first time since the night he used it.

I don't necessarily follow mardi gras or lent as some people do. But I have decided to give up french fry's. I figure if I can give them up between now and Easter, then hopefully they won't taste good anymore and I can drop them for good. It worked for soda's...I decided one day that I wasn't going to drink them anymore and now I can stand the taste. It has been over 10 years and I never look back. I don't miss the headaches I used to get from them...or lack of them.

I'm heading to bed so that tomorrow I can be a bit faster than slow.

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