Sunday, February 8, 2009


We went back into the doctor this morning and the doctor was super concerned that Joshua didn't look or seem any better. He ran a quick mono test that came back negative. He mentioned meningitis and sent us to Cook's with some paperwork in hand. He faxed the rest over and called to tell them we were coming. I was scared.

When we got to Cook's, it was so busy. I was remembering why I hate E.R.'s. But because the doc had sent over the paperwork, we were taken back within 15 minutes. I could feel the glares from other people who had been waiting a long while. They started monitoring him. The doctor came in and listened to what all had happened and been done this past week. He checked Joshua out and got a good look at his throat. He did a strep test that was negative. He said it looks like mono given how the tonsils look. There is always a chance it could be meningitis but we need the antibiotics out of his system to know for sure. In the meantime he can't go back to school until the fever stops. Which could be today, tomorrow, Wednesday or the next week. That means limited work hours for me and Jeff. We are to call the doctor back in the morning to followup and will probably need to go in on Wednesday.

So 6 days, $375, and 5 doctors later we have a diagnosis of mono.

I am exhausted. My arms ache from 6 days of holding a sick child. My back aches from rocking a sick child. My brain is turning to mush from day time TV. And there is more of it coming in the next week.

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