Monday, February 2, 2009


We have been working with Joshua on saying yes or any version of yes. Anything more than just a head nod. At dinner tonight, we were talking to Joshua and going though roll call of everyone he knows. At some point, Jeff asked Joshua to say "yup" and Joshua clearly said "nope". It was so funny!

Also, we think Joshua was trying to tell us he needed to go poop tonight. He seemed confused on how to communicate this request to us and it turned into a bottom that needed a bath. He never pooped, so we will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Jeff and I watched the last half of the Super Bowl tonight. It was quite a game ending. Glad we went back and watched it. Joshua was in bed before 8:30 because of the whole bottom-poop-bath issue. So, I am blogging early and heading to bed least that is my plan.

Nothing much more to update. My sister-in-law was laid off today. The economy is bad right now and I really hope she can find something she likes sooner rather than later. Today is also my mother's husband's birthday. So Happy Birthday to David! I reckon he is my step-father, it just seems weird to say it like that.

That is my first Monday update for the month of February.

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