Thursday, February 12, 2009

all good

Joshua had his follow up appointment at the doctor this morning. A final diagnosis of tonsillitis. The doctor was glad to see a much better looking Joshua. However, Joshua didn't have a problem with the nurse that let us in (despite the fact that it seemed every time they had to get some bodily fluid from him, she was the mean nurse) but he did have a problem with the doctor (who ordered all the mean tests). He didn't want the doctor near him and definitely wasn't down with any touching from the doctor. Disney's Cars was on in the waiting room, but we didn't even sit out there for 5 minutes. Joshua did get a clean bill of health. His tonsils are still slightly swollen, but should be okay in another couple of days. They no longer have white spots on them. WhooHooo!!!!

After getting back from the doctor, I made a mad dash to get the trash out before the trash trucks came. You see, I didn't get to this last night....instead I sat still for nearly 3 hours editing and posting picture on flickr. But they are done. I still have rodeo pictures but that is it. So again WhooHooo!!!! I also called Joshua's school to see if he could come in for a half a day to start transitioning him back into the daycare. The director at his school said yes they would love to see him back again. I took him in and at first he didn't want to get out of the truck. Then, when we met up with his class who were outside playing and he seen his friends and teachers, he was so excited. He couldn't get down the steps fast enough to them. Three of them came over to say hi. He was so happy. I was talking with his teacher and he said "bye Mommy". I felt so loved. He did great all day. No fussing and no arguing with anyone. So great. Tomorrow he can go for a full day and won't miss his Valentine's Party. I spent the day running around getting the favors for his class party....this was the only thing left for me to sign up for...and I felt bad not bringing something. But I don't mind doing the favors.....they are Valentine tumbler cups with Fun Dip, a necklace, heart stickers, bubbles and a heart shaped sucker in them. Very cute. I also did the favors for his Christmas party.

In the last two days, I have begun picking up the war zone that our house has become. With Joshua being so sick, his bedroom has moved to the living room. The dishes haven't been kept up with. But all that is getting fixed and should be all complete by tomorrow afternoon...hopefully in time for me to go to Joshua's party at school.

Jeff is out on the road. I don't feel like he is making many miles, but I haven't really been focusing on his route this week. He told me tonight he seems to be having issues with this truck and may half to put it in the shop when he gets to his next stop.....Dallas. That could be very bad, it could mean the end of the work week for him.

I am hoping to start on taking down wall-paper on Saturday in the bathroom. I will get the before pictures taken tomorrow. I know you will all agree that the green striped wallpaper must go. Pretty soon, it will be like stepping into an aquarium.

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