Saturday, February 21, 2009

i have the power

So lately, every time Joshua bumps something, falls down, trips over his own feet or just has something that aches...he comes to me whining and pointing or telling me what hurts. I kiss it and it is all better. I have some serious healing power in these lips of mine. Most of the time, I don't even think he really hurts...he just needs to know that he is okay....but even still...I feel so powerful. If only I could have kissed his recent bouts of illness away.

He actually went to school 5 days this week....all 5 days....all day....every day!! And I in turn worked a full 4 days this week (Monday was a company holiday). All 4 days....the payroll folks are going to wonder what happened and why they are having to pay me so much suddenly. It feels great to have worked a full week. Here's to keeping this streak going!!!

I was ticked at the end of Private Practice Thursday night. I can't believe that I spent three weeks watching this crossover event to have the character who's story brought the two shows together decide that he is just going to up an leave to go back to New York. If it were my brother, I would be hard pressed to help him out again. All in all, it was a good crossover event, except that now I am aware of the goings on for Private Practice and will have to start watching. That is what the producers wanted though isn't it?

Today, I worked my fingers to the bone. I looked at some many lines of information that my brain was in overdrive. I worked a 113 page doc, called the provider back just to get her voicemail and left a message. And this urgent matter she was so irate about this morning, wasn't important enough for her to call back on this afternoon. Oh well...I bet I looked at close to 800 pages of information today. Tonight, I had dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. We went to Candlelight Inn. Mandy wanted to see the bar that my step-dad works at, so we drove down the street to check it out. Not a whole lot of people were there, but as usual Joshua was the life of the party. Everyone always loves him when he goes in there. Jeromy, Mandy & I played two games of pool. Mandy won both games...beginner's luck! Technically she lost the first game because she scratched...but even still....beginner's luck.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will work on painting the bathroom. My mother is coming over mid-day to help paint and entertain Joshua. I am hoping to have it all painted tomorrow and then the border wallpaper can go up once Jeff gets home Sunday. Jeff won't be home until Sunday morning sometime. He has been from Dallas to Birmingham, AL to Dallas to Lubbock to Dallas and is now headed to New Orleans. 'Tis a great week for miles.

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Mandy said...

had fun last night... i only got balls in during pool bc you showed me the little trick to it. :) can't wait to see photos of your finished bathroom!