Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i thought it was friday

This morning when I got up, I had the TV on as usual watching Fox4, and the morning anchor lady, Megan, is leaving. Friday is her last day. I looked at Jeff and said, "today's her last day"...very matter of fact-ly. Jeff looked at me with a funny look and said, "I thought her last day was Friday." Too which I responded, "it is Friday.". He looked at me for a moment and said "no it ain't, it's only Tuesday. I wouldn't be here if it was Friday.". It was very disappointing. Very. I was all happy cause it was Friday morning....I know I had been dreaming and my dream was taking place on a Friday. Ho hum....it is only Tuesday.

Work was uneventful. I worked all day. My lead attempted to train another girl on our team to do supporting docs and apparently she just wasn't getting it. I am the only one on our team that is doing them. To me, that is a good thing for at least 2 reasons....1. It keeps me busy all day every day....2. I am the only one so I feel more secure in my position. Security doesn't mean squat though in the real world.

Tonight consisted in a lot of running around. We swung by to see my cousin's wife, Christina, so that we could get some paperwork for our house notarized. Thanks again Christina. Then we grabbed a semi-quick bite to eat and headed to Jeff's work. He keeps his pay stubs in his truck and we needed them. We had decided to take Joshua and show him Daddy's truck. The few times Joshua has been to Jeff's work, he always thinks the big rigs are trains. And says, "choo-choo". So tonight, when we actually got out of the truck and walked in where the big trucks are, he was very quiet and very observant (I swear he is going to be the kid who asks thousands of questions.) In Daddy's truck he pushed every button there was to push and twisted every knob. I was a nervous wreck, but Jeff said it was okay because the truck wasn't running. Joshua was barely bigger than the gear shifter. I wish I had grabbed the camera, but we will try again for pictures when the sun is shining. He sat on Daddy's bed and seemed to think that was really cool. Daddy has more knobs back there to turn. Jeff started the truck up and Joshua wasn't such a big fan, but calmed down after a few seconds. After Joshua and I left to come home, he was asleep before 5 minutes of time had passed. I slipped him into bed and haven't heard from him since.

I need to slip into bed because well...I am just plain tired.

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