Tuesday, February 10, 2009

day two with no fevers

Monday night, after being asleep for much of the day, he wasn't really interested in sleeping in the middle of the night. At 1am Jeff fixed some mac-n-cheese and Joshua ate it up. I swear his tummy was grumbling all the way down to his toes (is that even possible?). After a few hours of being awake he finally agreed to go back to bed. Agreed to the point that he took himself in his room and climbed up in his bed, asked for his blanket and laid his head down.

Today he slept in but not as late as yesterday. I will let Jeff explain his getting up this morning. He ate a good breakfast and Jeff worked to keep him awake until a good nap time. After a nap he was back up and moving around. This is day two with no fever. I stopped by his school on the way home to pick up his blanket, I know it needs to be washed. I also picked up the list of kids names from his class. I had already bought valentine's for his class and figured I would at least take them in. I talked to the director for a bit and she said that Joshua should at least come in on Friday for his party since he seems to be feeling better. I will try to get him into the doctor tomorrow after or Thursday to get a release to go back to school.

Tonight we had dinner with my mother & David. They wanted to check on Joshua. Since my arrival home after work Joshua has been all over me. And dinner was no exception. He fussed after he was "all dun" for me to get him out of the highchair. I wasn't "all dun" so I kept telling him no. My mom got out the wipes and started cleaning him up. He didn't want her to do it, he was Mommy to do it...which is what he said, "noooo, Mommy get it". She got him up and took him into the nearby hotel lobby to run around for a minute. The hotel is being remodeled so there isn't much in the lobby. When I was done, he sat in my lap and was good.

We left and had to take Jeff to work, we had already dropped his car off there. Joshua was asleep and the lightening was getting closer. I sped up a bit hoping the cops would not be out like they had been earlier (they are horrible on Trinity). We got home and I put Chanci out and about 10 minutes later it came a storm. A big bad storm that moved through quickly. Thank goodness. I don't even think it is still raining outside, but an hour ago, it was storming. The sirens were going off because of circulation in the clouds in the area, but that quickly moved on...10 minutes later it was 5 towns away.....over by the airport. It takes me 20-30 minutes to get there.....and I drive fast.

Oh yes...I nearly forgot. My niece found out today that she has the flu. Lovely. I could hear the excitement in my sister's voice when she called to tell me. At least Joshua didn't make her sick. He had two flu tests in the past week, both of which where negative...surprise, surprise. I hope it doesn't keep her out for too long.

Joshua is asleep and I am going to get that way too. After not much sleep and a long day and I know a long tomorrow I could use the extra hour.

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