Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I was working along today. Minding my own business. Working. Thinking about how much I am liking my job. Getting through the day. When my cell phone rings. It is Joshua's school. They have taken his temp and it is 102.1 and I need to come and get him. It is 10 minutes until 4:00 and I am thinking....he couldn't have waited one more hour??? I was in the middle of two projects and had to quickly get to a stopping point on them. They would have been done in another hour! I head to Joshua's school and see that he is drinking ice water and having a snack. He doesn't look sickly until I get up to him and then I realize he looks tired. A sure sign he is getting sick. I knew he was getting sick last night when he wanted to go to bed early, but I didn't want to believe it.

I pick him up and meet Jeff at the doctor. At the last moment, we are switched to another doctor. She checks him out, he is breathing fine, clear ears, no flu (per the test), his throat looks great. That is it. There is nothing wrong with him. He is still on an antibiotic and she suggested we continue to finish it up in case there is something brewing. I did not like this doctor. She was impersonal and didn't give me a chance to finish even one sentence. One more reason that I love our pediatrician. He is awesome. He always talks to Joshua throughout the exam. He listens to what we have to say and gives feedback. I highly recommend him and will give his info to anyone needing a pediatrician in the NE Tarrant County area.

So we bring Joshua home. Jeff and I are frustrated. He seems to be back on a cycle of sicklyness. Every 10-14 days it is something new. We had stopped giving Joshua his vitamins because the last two tries at it, he has had a seizure within a week of starting back on them. Perhaps I should get a different brand and try pumping him up on vitamins. Everyone keeps telling me that it will get better. He will get to the point when he doesn't get sick so often. The magic number is 3. 3?? Another year and half?? My work seems to be understanding, but I see the looks on their faces when I have to abruptly leave to go take care of Joshua. And I have worked for people in the past that seemed understanding on the surface but in actuality were not.

Joshua ate dinner just fine. He didn't want to try the Au Gratin potatoes. He saved them for last. When he finally tried them, he realized they were pretty tasty. I am sure he has eaten them in the past, I know I have fixed them at least once in the last two months.

Because Joshua was sent home sick today, he can not go to school tomorrow. Which sucks! I hate to miss an entire day of work. Jeff actually had a load tonight. They are supposed to be turning him around so that he can be home with Joshua tomorrow. At least for half a day. Jeff will be mighty grumpy tomorrow night, so it has already been decided that Joshua and I will be going out for dinner so Jeff can have peace and quiet in the house. The doctor would not give us a note releasing him back to school tomorrow. So frustrating.

At least he didn't have a seizure. See.....that is the positive side of this.

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