Saturday, February 14, 2009

am i wrong?

Things that I find to be done in bad etiquette....

1. Inviting someone to a wedding shower but not to a wedding. Especially without making this a known item at the shower.
2. Inviting someone to a baby shower but not notifying them of the babies arrival.
3. Not returning a call to someone who is trying to reach you....unless you have a serious problem with that person.

And I am finding many people who agree and advise to not attending shower/parties for certain people in the future. And assuming that all that is in your possession is now yours and that some people just need some counseling.

I had a pretty good day today. Joshua went off to school for the entire day. He did great and came home with plenty of Valentine's & candy to go with. My favors were a hit with his class...thank you, thank you. He was in a pretty good mood tonight, just his normal fussing trying to gain his independence. He is back to great health. I am so happy about this. He does have a little cough especially at night, I will probably try to do a breathing treatment tomorrow night at bedtime and see if this helps, I also need to start his allergy medicine again.

And, I swear that his favorite sentence right now is "I color". All he has to do is see a pen, pencil, marker or crayon and it is the first thing out of his mouth...."I color". Sometimes it is "Josha color".

Tomorrow (or is it today already), would have been my parents 34 wedding anniversary. They didn't quite make it to 30 when my father passed away. My sister and I are planning a trip to the cemetery tomorrow. We need to take Dad new flowers. I think my brother may be going with for this trip. I do miss my Dad. I often wonder what he would think of Joshua and of my house and of my current life. I miss him looking at me over his glasses telling me "we need to talk". Those talks were always my father being protective about something. Most of the time, he was right on with his when an ex-boyfriend turned out to be no good and Dad was right on when he had "talked" to me a month earlier. I often wish that in my fathers last two months, I had talked to him more rather than just sit in silence like we so often did. We would sit in his hospital room at lunch and watch CNN together. Looking back, I think I didn't ask him certain questions, because I new it was the end.

With Mom remarried now, I guess deep down I still have mixed feelings. But David is great. He takes good care of Mom and I think he genuinely cares about my brother, sister and I. And he loves Joshua.

It is already tomorrow for me so I guess I should go to bed.

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