Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 3

Today Joshua's temperature averaged about 101.8. We went back to the doctor his doctor. Who checked him all out and said there is no obvious sign that he is sick (can I get paid to tell me the obvious too?) I love Joshua pediatrician. He went further and listened to Joshua's stomach and bowels. Both of which sound fine. He ordered blood work and wants me to do poop samples at home. We have done a poop sample before....before Joshua's first birthday if I remember correctly. The initial blood work came back quickly and seems normal. The pedi will call tomorrow with the other results.

In the meantime, Joshua has had one poop and it was so loose that it was pretty much sucked right into the diaper. (sucking poo - there's a good blog title) Joshua has been semi-fussy today. He and I played in the yard for a bit when we got home from the doctor. He refused to take more than the 15 minute nap he had on the way to the doctor. I could tell when his fever was spiking up because he would get clingy and either pale in the face or red in the face. He plays like he is fine. He looks like he is fun but still averaging a 101.8 temp for the day.

I am not sleeping well, in part because of Joshua being sick and in part for many other reasons. I swear I wake up once an hour just listening over the monitor for him. Joshua finally decided at 6 pm to take a nap. So he dosed from 6-7:30, just when I was ready to sit down for dinner. He three bites of pizza (literally) and then I offered yogos. So today he ate, nothing for breakfast, some broth from the chicken & dumplings we had at lunch, 3 bites of pizza and a package of yogos. I have an eating machine.....he has left the house....and has left a sick child behind. After the dinner Joshua ate, he requested a bath. After the bath, we got him into his jammies and he willingly laid his head down when I sat him in his bed. I haven't heard a peep from him since.

I am worried. I am tired. I am still frustrated.

I am hoping that his school will agree to take him for a bit in the morning. I doubt they will. And if they do, I doubt they will keep him all day. I will wind up missing another day of work. I just wish I could kiss him and make it all go worked when he shut his thumb in the door today. And when he stubbed his toe a few days ago. Mommy kisses it and it instantly feels better. Oh....that always makes me feel so SuperMom! I just wish that SuperMom could make this fever issue go away.

Saturday is going to be a busy day. I really need for this fever to stop. Please.

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