Wednesday, February 18, 2009

joshua, joshua, joshua

Nothing bad came of our lunch meeting today. Just lunch and routine work stuff. Stuff everyone should already know and be doing. We are still moving our desks around and it should be happening this week.

I still haven't found my keys. I am convinced that they are in this house somewhere. I am sure they will turn up. It is beginning to feel strange not having my keys. I know I have Jeff's set of keys, but his aren't the same. They don't fit my hand well....even though they are the same keys. And they aren't colorful. My old keys were colorful and all of my store cards were on there. I miss my keys.

Tonight for the second night in a row, I let a pan boil over on the stove. Tonight it was because Joshua had spilled his tea and had slipped and fallen in the aftermath. He was fussing (and I was trying to get him up out of it before he fell again trying to get up) and I turned around and the pan was boiling over. Water/milk/butter mix everywhere. Great...just great.

On the plus side....Joshua was in an awesome mood tonight. He even ate his green beans, something he normally doesn't. He ate the 5 I gave him and even requested more. I gave him 5 more and he gobbled them up. Shocking....and Daddy missed it....I can only hope that Joshua will eat them when Daddy is home. Joshua and I played with his fish puzzle. We took the pieces out and I handed them to him one at a time so he could put them back in. We go over the colors of the fish as we go. He has stopped saying yellow and orange. All the others he says just fine...even purple. After we would put the puzzle together, he would clap his hands saying "yeah!". I asked for a high five and got one. I have taught him the....high five, down low, in the hole....thing. Now, he wants to do it all every time we do a high five...what have I done?

Joshua is not like taking a bath in the big bathtub in our master bath. I think he is overwhelmed by the size. And his head doesn't come above the tub so he can't really see out. A few more days and I will move him back to his newly decorated bathroom and he will be so happy.

Joshua was also convinced that his daddy was at home asleep. When I picked him up from school, he asked "Daddy?". To which I said, "Daddy is at work". Normally Joshua says work and moves on from this subject. Today he responded "Daddy sleep". I told him no, Daddy went to work. After a minute he dropped the subject. When we got in the house, he said "Daddy sleep". I said no. I had to go into the bedroom for something and Joshua of course followed me. He looked up on the bed and didn't see Jeff. He asked "Daddy" and walked around to Jeff's side of the bed. He checked the bed again and still no Daddy. I again told him that Daddy went to work and he again asked if Daddy was asleep. He checked the bed again and again and again. Finally he agreed that Daddy must be at work because he isn't in the bed. I think Joshua is figuring out that Daddy isn't home all the time. We knew this time would come and hope that it is followed quickly with an understanding that Daddy is at work and will be back in a few days.

Joshua also says, "J-O-Josha. J-O-Josha". It is funny. He will be reading something, like his paper from school that says what all he did today and he will read on the paper, "J-O-Josha". It is very cute.

It is Wednesday night, so I need to get the trash out.

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