Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, today was the worst day so far with Joshua's fevers. When I scanned his head this afternoon because it felt hot, the thermometer read 107.1. What? I scanned again, it said 105.7. What? I scanned again and it read 104.9. What? I quickly found my regular thermometer and did an under arm temp and got 104.5.

I called the doctor's office in a panic....I wanted the test results right then. Instead, they said bring him in at 4:40. It is 3:00 when I called them. I gave Joshua Tylenol and his temp dropped. When he got down to 102.something he got the munchies. That is they way he has been all week. This is the only time I can get him to eat and it is always snacks. So, he ate yogos and a pack of gummy cars. Then, he laid his head down and went to sleep. I took the opportunity to take a quick shower. As I was getting out, he was waking up. I got us both ready and in the truck as my mom arrived at my house.

We were set to see another doctor as our pedi was out this afternoon. Flippin great, I am thinking. Another new doctor name I don't know. When we get there we wound up seeing a nurse practitioner....that I loved. She was great and Joshua acted all shy when she talked to him. A good sign that he liked her too. She agreed to do a urine sample given what I told her. He wouldn't go in the bag so they did a cath to get some. It came back fine. She went out to talk to another doctor I have never seen. He came in and introduced himself. He took a listen to Joshua. When he got to Joshua's back he listened very intently. Very intently. I was beginning to panic because he was obviously listening to something that concerned him. This lasted for what seemed like forever. He said he is hearing what sounds like some fluid in the lung on the diaphragm. And ordered a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia. Finally....something I feel is being productive. He also ordered a shot of antibiotic....finally!!! And now we got back to the doctor for the fourth time tomorrow morning for a follow up to the x-ray we went and had done tonight. At 35 bucks a pop this doctor's visits are adding up quickly.

And Joshua's appointment is just one more thing added to my already packed Saturday. Sunday will have to be a day of rest for me and maybe a margarita....cause this has been a long week.

We also went to my brother's baptism tonight. He has joined my sister-in-law's church. I am very happy for him and proud of him too. Mom and I showed up in jeans and Joshua in shorts because we left the doctor's office and headed straight there. No time to go home to change.

I am exhausted. I am going to bed.

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Mandy said...

poor little joshua! jeromy and i talked a lot last night about how miserable he looks. we both hope that he gets all better soon. thanks again for coming to the baptism - it was really great to have you there. :) keep us posted on joshua and don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything (as i now have more time).