Friday, June 25, 2010

conversations with joshua

Another catch-up post.

A few weeks back while my mother was on vacation we were borrowing her truck. Her truck is bigger than mine and somewhat easier to use that our "family car", a.k.a. the Camero. Plus the Friday that she left with my sister's family, I had some break problems with my truck.

Now, my truck has been a Trusty Old Lass. She has been good to me, primarily because I have been good to her. She never gives me grief.....well at least not until recently. But then she is about 10 years old. I give her gas, oil, coolant, air for her tires and really anything else she asks for but a bath. And she is okay with that....she claims that because she is a truck she feels she should be dirty and that a clean truck is not a well loved truck. I say whatever and slam the door shut with my hip. I am saddened to think about getting ready of her next year. I worry that she won't go to someone who will care for her as I have.

But anyways.........
I had my mom's truck and we had gone to kinda have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. Now, my sister-in-law, Mandy, is pregnant (and I am so freakin' excited!) and she had my son were getting in on the passenger side of my mother's truck. The truck has doors that open against each other. They had opened them and were trying to squeeze around them since the vehicle next to us was parked a little close. My son, being 3, squeezed right through, but Mandy's belly would fit without a little squishing and no one wants a squished pregnant belly so she told my son that she needed to close to the door a little to get by. We all got in the truck and my son announced that he fit through the door and that Mandy didn't because she has a baby in her tummy. Fine.

Later that night, we were at my house and I was poking Mandy's belly trying to get a kick out of my soon-to-be niece. My son walked in and looked at me funny for poking at his Aunt Mandy. I told him again that Aunt Mandy had a baby in her tummy. He touched her tummy for a quick second. And again announced that Aunt Mandy had a baby in there. Fine. But I knew he wasn't done with this whole idea.

Saturday, the next morning, we were in Plano for a friend of mine's fitness show. We had watched the show and were back out at the truck ready to leave. I had opened the doors to get him in and he was telling me about how he could fit past the door cause he is little and Aunt Mandy couldn't because she has a baby in her tummy. I agreed and told him that in a couple of more months Aunt Mandy would have her baby. Without missing a beat he said, "Yup, Aunt Mandy's baby is going to come out of her tummy and say 'Surprise'". I laughed so hard.


Elle Bee said...

Haha!! Don't they say the best things!! Too funny-what a sweetheart.

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