Friday, June 18, 2010

february snow

First of my catch-up posts.

We had a "snowstorm" back in February. We got 8 inches of snow at our house. It was a lot of snow. That morning before the people on my street got up, and before I got my son up, I went out and took pictures. It was very pretty and calm on our street. And white. Very, very white.

The day of most of the snowfall, I stayed at work too long because I knew that I would have to miss the next day. Joshua's school was already closed for sure the next day. By the time we got home it was late...really late. My truck couldn't make it up the driveway. I slide back to this spot and left it. Later the next day, we shoveled the snow and ice underneath and got it up out of the street.

This picture was taken with my cellphone which explains the poor quality. Moments after I took this picture, Joshua plucked one of the snowman's eyes out, knocking him down. I set him back up and called him our pirate snowman. I didn't get a good picture of this. Oh yes, it is a real pipe in the snowman's face, I used one of my dad's old pipes. It didn't stay out there long.

Joshua was so excited about the snow. He didn't really understand what it was but knew that it was fun. It had also snowed some on Christmas Eve giving the feel of a White Christmas 2009. Behind Joshua are our bushes. They suffered. It was probably a month before they bounced all the way back up, they still drop in a couple spots but we are fixing that with trimming.

Hope this helps you feel cooler with the 100° weather we are expecting all weekend.