Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my 33rd birthday. As a combined Mother's Day & Happy Birthday gift, I got to go shopping. I scored some great new clothes and new shoes. WhooHoo for me!!

We also went to Adam's Birthday party on Sunday. Adam is 8 days older than Joshua and it is so funny how they can go a month without seeing one another and pick up playing like they just seen each other yesterday.

Wednesday is Joshua's 3rd Birthday. It is hard to believe that he is 3. That means that we have been in our house for 4 years. Wow, where did the time go?!?
Joshua loves SuperWhy. This SuperWhy toy is what got him convinced that he could put more in the potty. He had a fit over not getting this SuperWhy. And once he got the reward of SuperWhy, if he had an accident, he wouldn't touch SuperWhy. It was like he knew that he wasn't supposed to play with him. Joshua is getting more and more into Super Heroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, but his favorite is still SuperWhy. And if you ask Joshua what his superpower is, he says, 'my super power is the power to help'. And then he shows you his muscles.

This weekend we are having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party at the park. Joshua is getting more and more excited about it. He had to wait through a whole string of birthday's before his got here. The only thing he loves as much as SuperWhy is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
I am proud to report that Joshua is 97% potty trained. It finally clicked with him about a week and half ago. Honestly, you could nearly see the light bulb shining above his head when he suddenly got "it" (the potty). This summer we are moving him to a twin size bed. And he starts swim lessons next month. He never sits still and repeats anything and everything whenever and where ever he feels it is needed. He talks constantly, sometimes I even swear that he talks in his sleep. He likes to help with dinner and setting the table, but does not like to help put his toys away. He likes getting himself dressed but not undressed. He keeps me on my toes 24/7. Joshua eats most everything, I even tricked him into some spinach a couple of weeks ago. He would eat tomatoes with every meal if I'd let him, and, he'd make it a Mac-n-Cheese meal too! Joshua has quite a group of friends at school and he talks about them all the time. He's the peacemaker amoung all the boys, his teacher says he makes sure that all of the toys are fairly shared. Joshua has an imagination that seems to have no limits. I have taught him to draw smiley faces in the last few months. He's a ball of energy and I couldn't imagine my life without him.