Sunday, August 26, 2012


My baby is heading to Kindergarten tomorrow.  

My baby who used to empty the plastic bowl cabinet in the kitchen until we locked it up.
  He can open it by himself now.

My baby who used to ride a tricycle.
Now he wants to ride his bike to school each day.
Not sure that this will happen, perhaps a Friday only treat. 

This is my baby boy and his very first backpack.
He used to carry his own diapers in it.
Now he will carry a notebook with notes from school in a bigger blue backpack.

My baby is heading to school tomorrow.
My baby who likes to take tons of pictures of himself on my phone.  

My baby boy who is 100% mischief.  
He comes up with the zaniest ideas that tend to always involve boy things, 
like ninjas, superheros or an animal eating something or someone. 

My baby boy who still begs to sleep in Mommy's bed at night when his Daddy isn't home.  
That baby boy is off to Kindergarten tomorrow morning, 
he was so excited about it tonight he wanted to skip bedtime and just go on to school.

My baby boy who chooses to watch TV standing on his head on the couch
 is going off to Kindergarten tomorrow.
He won't be able to stand on his head during class tomorrow.

 My baby boy.
My Joshua.
 A big kid kindergartner.
I am so nervous.
I am so proud.