Tuesday, August 11, 2009

been busy

I've been either busy lately or so tired from being so busy lately that I haven't posted. So here goes.

My 60 Mile Mamas 3-Day team has had a few fundraisers. We have one final Pink Bra contest coming up on August 28. It will be at Papa G's in Bedford at 121 & Harwood. You should come out if you can!!! We had a Pink Bra contest at Baxter's in Hurst a couple of weeks back and I am excited to annouce that we raised nearly $1,000.00!!! It was by far our best Pink Bra contest yet with lots of super fun contestants!

My family has a vacation planned in two more weeks. It seems like an incredibly long two more weeks...like it is never going to get here. We are not doing much but are looking forward to what we do have planned.

One day last week when I picked Joshua up from school, he met me in the cafeteria with a backpack on. It was not his backpack so we headed back down to his class. His teacher said it was hanging on his hook and assumed it was his. It was a Cars backpack and she knows he loves Cars stuff. Turns out it belonged to a new kid in his class. Joshua was so heartbroken that he didn't get to keep the backpack. He asked/begged/cried/fussed/grumped about a backpack all the way home. I told him that he needed to talk to his Daddy about. When we got home he couldn't wait to get inside to tell Daddy that he needed a backpack. So this past weekend we got Joshua a backpack. On Sunday, before we went running around, I loaded up his backpack with diapers, wipes, changing pad, Magna Doodle, a book and snacks. He carried his backpack everywhere. He didn't like to have to take it off before he could get in his carseat but after a couple of times, he got the hang of it. Once he was buckled in his carseat, he just sat there holding his backpack waiting for the next stop so he could put it back on. It was really cool. And Mommy didn't have to carry the diaper bag...she could carry just her purse...it was so empowering for both Mommy & Joshua!

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Elle Bee said...

Oh he is such a cutie. And such a big boy to have his own backpack!