Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today on the way home from school Joshua was finishing off his Cheerios from this morning. We got home and had been home about 10 minutes and he comes to me, with his finger up his nose and our conversation goes like this:

"Mommy get it"
"Get your finger out of your nose."
"Get it, in there"...he sticks his finger back in there.
"Get what, a booger?"
"A snack in your nose? There is a snack in your nose???", I am very confused.
"Yea, in there"...his finger goes back up his nose.

I panicked...I seen an ER trip with long tweezers in my very near future. I called my mom asking what I should do. I got a Kleenex, blocked one nostril and had him blow with the other....sure enough, out came a chunk of Cheerio.

The worst part was that then....he wanted it.

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Christina said...

He was just saving it for later was all! We need to get together soon!!!