Thursday, November 12, 2009

God is in trouble but not for unlocking doors

The other day when I picked Joshua up from school it was dark out, thanks to our recent time change. I personally don't like the time change, I like it to be daylight until nearly 8:30...just my personal preference. Anyway, it was dark when I picked Joshua up from school around 6:30 and our conversation went something like this:

"It's dark out here", Joshua said.
"Yes. It is dark", said Mommy.
"Somebody turn the light off"
"Yes, God turned the light off"
"God turn the light off"
"Yes" said Mommy.
"He's is trouble. He need a time out"
"God needs a time out?"
"Yes. We need to go get him and put him in time out. He turn the light off"

I explained that we can't get God and that we can't put God in time out. I don't think he understood. But he was pretty adamant that God needed a time-out for turning off the light.

Tonight, I am on the phone with Jeff, who is in El Paso. I hear something in the background and it took me what seemed like minutes to figure out what the sound was. It was the front door unlocking. And opening and then shutting. Once I realized what the noise was, I initially thought that Jeff was joking and was home early, but there were no legs/feet to be seen through the window. I jumped up and found my son closing the door. He hadn't gone out, but he had unlocked both locks and opened and then shut the front door. So our newly established rules are:
1. Little boys do not unlock the front door for any reason.
2. Little boys do not open the front door or any door for any reason.

But then, I wonder about fires and have I led Joshua to believe that in case of a fire that he can not open the door. But then he is 2 1/2 years old. I am not sure that he would get the difference. He already knows to not come out of his bedroom until Mommy or Daddy come and get him. So, he will play in his room until we go in there in the mornings.

This weekend we will be exploring options to help with the newly found front door situation.

Joshua's recent growth spurt has also given him the "I don't know how to shut-up" syndrome. The kid talks constantly. He talks to Mommy. He talks to Daddy. He talks to Mickey Mouse. He talks to himself. He talks to the dog. He talks to my truck. He talks to everything about everything. Constantly. Talking. He never shuts-up. Never.

And along with the "I don't know how to shut-up" syndrome came the "Wiggle 'til I fall out of the chair" syndrome. He is constantly moving. He watches Mickey Mouse while standing on his head on the couch, while laying on the couch, while hanging off the couch, while falling off the couch. Then he wiggles in the floor towards his couch-bed thing. Then he gets up and climbs back on the couch and it starts all over again.

He doesn't be still and he doesn't be quiet. Ever. Well, except for the 25 minutes that he watches Mickey Mouse...then he is quiet, but not still. And when he is sleeping, he doesn't talk, but he doesn't really be still then either.

Welcome to the 2 1/2 years old stage. Welcome. On the right we have wiggle worm and on the left we have talk until your tongue falls out. Welcome. Come on in.


Jeromy said...

hahahahaha... i think we all know where he got the "I don't know how to shut-up" syndrome from.

Jeff said...

Well I don't miss those days at all. But no matter how crazy your day has been, kids have a way of making it all seems so trivial...LOL