Wednesday, July 22, 2009

potty training adventures

A few people had suggested putting Joshua in his big boy underwear and telling him that he couldn't mess them up. After much contemplating, I decided to give this a try. I cleared a good chunk of time that I knew that we would be at the house. We had been in his room, going through toys. Someone had sent me a text and I walked into the office to look at something else. I sat down at the computer and it had been about 7 minutes since I last asked if he needed to go potty.

From behind me I hear, "Uh-oh, I pee-pee."
I turned around as Joshua was stepping back from the puddle on the floor.
"It's okay. Let's go -".
"I splash Mommy".
"We don't splash in our pee-pee. Go, let's go get a pull-up on.".
"Okay" which sounds more like oh-kaaay.

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Elle Bee said...

Ahhaha! Did you step into my life last year? Potty's not for the weak!