Sunday, July 12, 2009

snapshots....on a sunday

Been super busy for the last 2 1/2 weeks...maybe longer it seems. Someday, it will all slow down right?? Right??? Oh well, here are some pictures to catch you up.
Joshua got his fourth haircut, but only his second professional haircut in June. My longer wavy haired kid would soon be replaced with a shorter, non wavy haired version.

For July 4th weekend, we went to the cabin in Arkansas. My step-dad, David, wanted to make sure we had enough fireworks....we did. And had lots of fun blowing them up. Joshua was indifferent to them, he just wanted to play and ride the 4-wheelers all weekend. Let me put it this way, he would not have gotten off the 4-wheelers if I hadn't made him.

On July 4th, my family trio went up the mountain to Queen Wilhelmina State Park. We stopped at the sign and took a timed family photo...not the best, but the best we could do in 10 seconds.
The whole purpose in going up to the State Park was to ride the miniature train. Joshua thought it was really cool and actually it was a tiny bit cooler at the top of the mountain.
Here he is at the engine.
Also on July 4, we of course went down to the Cossatot River for a swim. The first day we went, Joshua was all excited about going to the river, then we got down there started the hike to the water and he panicked, "no water, I no want water". On Day 2 he couldn't wait to get in the water.
Here he is sporting his new shirt he got at the Cossatot River visitor center, they do not often have little people shirts. Doesn't he look excited to be waving around that American flag? Yeah, I thought so too.
We stopped at the Texas sign for a family pic. Again in 10 seconds you don't get the best. Jeff stepped in a bed of ants when he got out of the truck. So in my running from the truck to the sign, I was having to leap over huge ant beds. I barely made it there in time for the shutter.
The weekend before July 4, we got a trampoline from my mother's neighbor. They have older triplets and were ready for a larger trampoline. It is a perfect size for our backyard and for Joshua. The shed in the background will be coming down soon, as well as, the sun room (you can't see it in the picture). My brother and his friend Josh and my cousin Daniel came over to help cut down some tree limbs in the backyard to make room for it.
On Friday the 10th, my 3-day team had a fundraiser at Baxter's in Hurst. We will have a Pink Bra Contest there on the 31st. You should come out if you can. They are always a lot of fun. On Saturday the 11th, my 3-day team had a fundraiser at the Grand Prairie Air Hogs game. It is a nice stadium. As we were leaving, the Air Hog was coming back around. He said he could take a picture with Joshua and then offered to hold him. Joshua willing leaped into his arms.

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