Monday, June 29, 2009

been busy

Last week was non-stop it seemed. Well, except for Wednesday, but I was so tired.

Monday I had a wisdom tooth pulled. I had chipped it when I was pregnant and the pain was getting really bad and not tolerable or controllable anymore. Monday night, we had a nice Father's Day dinner with my step-dad, David. It was his first Father's Day with us. He is so entwined into our lives now that it is hard to believe. He takes great care of my mother and it seems he really cares about all of us. He claims Joshua to be his grandson and not Mom's. Joshua loves his Pops. Tuesday night held a meeting for Jeff & I. These meetings are going well and we are meeting less often. Wednesday, my mouth hurt, just like the surgeon said it would. I felt like I had taken a good hit to the jaw. Thursday, I finished up my bra for our Pink Bra Contest benefiting Susan G Komen. The contest was Friday night at Pappa G's in Watagua. Our team did awesome....we raised $840!!! Instead of just taking donations at the door, we asked people to buy tickets to vote for the pink bra they liked the best. It worked out great. We have two other Pink Bra Contest that will be scheduled this week. was so freakin' hot outside. We didn't do much...except ran for the nearest A/C. Saturday night, my mother's neighbor asked if they knew anyone who would want a trampoline. My mother called and Jeff and I were interested. We went down to "look' at it Sunday...and then came home with it Sunday. We had to call in help....many thanks to Jeromy, Josh & Daniel....we cut some limbs off a neighbor's tree that were hanging in our yard and attempted to take out a Crape Myrtle. The chainsaw died, not sure what went wrong. Once it is fixed up, we will finish taking out that tree. The trampoline is in the backyard and Joshua loves it. He thinks it is his for some reason - it is really mine. :)

Potty training has temporarily come to a halt. Joshua can home Friday with a bad diaper rash. It has gotten worse over the weekend. He has no interest in sitting down on the potty and is walking funny because it hurts so bad. He is big on Mommy, Daddy or whoever is available kissing owie's/ the conversation with Daddy goes:
"My butt hurts, Daddy."
"Your butt hurts. I'm sorry. It will get better."
"Kiss it, Daddy." As he pats at this bottom.

Snapshot Sunday is obviously delayed again. Perhaps I should just call it Snapshots and post on any day.

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Dawn said...

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for doing the 3 day! As a survivor I am so grateful and as a former 2 day walker I am amazed!