Monday, June 8, 2009

snapshot sunday on a monday again

Here it is Monday again and Snapshot Sunday is least you are getting it!!!

We had really nice weather last week. Joshua and I took advantage of one evening and played outside for quite a while. He loves to haul his Cars ball around in his dump truck. On Thursday evening, I left Joshua to wash his hands. He had washed them, I had drained the water out and mopped up the counter and left him to dry his hands. Normally within a few minutes he comes and finds me. Well...this time he didn't.

On Sunday we went out on the my brother-in-laws boat with my sister's family. It was Jeff & Joshua first time out on a boat like this for fun. They both did really well....much better than I who was a nervous wreck about Joshua.
Joshua was like a pro. He had little fear and loved to just stand around on the boat...right in the middle. By the end of the day he was looking over the edge and requesting to "git down" into the water. We didn't get a picture of him in the lake because we were all in the lake then.

This is Jeff tubing for the first time. He had an absolute blast. He held on for quite a long time.
Then my baby went out with his Uncle Brandon. Joshua kept one arm up and extended toward the boat for most of his trip. I will spare you the is pretty hard to video well from a moving boat. When they got back to the boat after the ride, we asked Joshua if he had fun, his response, "no". But he sure did like to watch everyone else tube and ski.

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