Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bruised up bites

On Monday night, when Jeff put Joshua in the bath he noticed bruising on Joshua's side. Of course, I came to investigate!!!!!!!! Sure enough, Joshua was bruised on his left side up under his arm on his ribs wrapped around to his back. I panicked. I didn't want to think that anyone would have hit him like that at school....or did he get hurt on the boat? He didn't fall on the boat..well, he did, but he caught himself with his face on the seat. Nothing bad and nothing to cause a bruise under his arm. I was getting more ticked that the daycare caused this. I slowly calmed back down. Joshua didn't seem to be in any pain and didn't care if we touched it. He just wanted his jammies on so he could brush his teeth....a highlight of his day, every day. We took some pictures.

This morning, when I got him to school, the bruising looked worse than last night. I showed his teacher and she said she wasn't in his class yesterday, but she would ask the teachers that were. I called mid-day and the school's director still wasn't in. When I got there to pick him up, his afternoon teacher was incredibly apologetic. Apparently, he was climbing on the changing table and had gotten on the middle shelf and it collapsed. His teacher was changing a diaper up top, and when the shelf collapsed, Joshua climbed out and went about playing. The teacher checked him when she was done and he seemed okay, but she never lifted his shirt...after all he got right up and went on playing. She apologized at least 100 times and she feels so bad because of the bruising. Tonight, Joshua still seems just fine. The bruising is more obvious, so it will probably stick around a couple more days.

On another school note...this morning Joshua was bit by his friend Mason. When I got there to get Joshua, Mason came running over and told me, "I bite Josh day". Really?? The kids in his class are always so proud that they bit someone. I am sure it is just an age things. This afternoon though, Joshua bit his girlfriend, Chloe. Mason bit Joshua over a truck and Joshua bit Chloe over a book....isn't that how rabies are spread???

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Class of lil' vampires!