Monday, June 1, 2009

biting THAT kid

This morning it was very hard to get up. I am not sure why, but no one in our house wanted to get up and get ready for a Monday....perhaps if it had been Friday, things would have been different.

This morning at school, Joshua bit...again. Again this time he bit Boston. He also bit Boston last week. This morning, according to the report, Boston pushed Joshua out of the way at art time and Joshua got mad and bit him. Last week, Boston came over and took a truck away from Joshua and Joshua got mad and bit him. In the morning, I will be asking his teacher if she came keep them separated for a week or so.

Also, Joshua came home from school today all eaten up. Between Memorial Day weekend and random times outside playing, both at school & at home, he is getting eaten alive. Tonight, after his bath, Jeff and I attacked him with After Bite and counted at least 40 bites on him. From head to the bottom of his feet. Explain to me how he got bites on the bottom of his foot when I sent him to school in socks & shoes. In the morning, I will be asking his teacher if she came keep him inside or seriously limit his time outside. I loaded him up with Zyrtec tonight, but I know it takes a couple of days to actually see the results. I also bought scent free oat bath soap for him tonight, thinking that maybe, just maybe, he will not smell as good as he does with lavender soap. I will also take his bug/sunscreen combo back to the school tomorrow, as I forgot it this morning.

Since everyone else seems to be giving potty training updates, I will update and say that it is going. Joshua requests to go, but seems to be actually going less in the potty. But when he does go, he is so proud. The school & I are going about it differently, which I think has slowed the process. He still goes some for me and some for them, just not consistently.

Tonight we grabbed dinner out before heading to Wal-mart for groceries. At dinner, we had THAT kid. It was horrible and embarrassing. OHMYGOD!! People were looking at us with looks that said, "control your child". Joshua did not want to use his inside voice. Joshua did not want to use a spoon, only a fork. Joshua did not want to eat his eggs and announced to everyone that he "don wan no egg". Joshua wanted more "choco milk" and tried to give his cup to the waitress twice. Joshua squealed with delight the more Mommy & Daddy squirmed. This was our first real experience of having THAT kid. And I swear if the lady with the about 8 year old glared at me one more time, I was going to ask/tell her, "like your child never acted out...I mean...seriously...just look at his hair...he was a punk!, so stop rolling your eyes". He didn't get any better at Wal-mart until I got him out of the buggy so he could help "sop". He was pretty good after that.

Now he is bathed, medicined and in bed and I need to go put in some work out time.

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