Friday, May 22, 2009

all about the boy

On Wednesday on the way home from school, Joshua proudly says, "Mama". Then spits on each hand and begins to rub them together. "I wash hands". Ewww...he is such a little boy. I told him that we do not wash our hands with spit and that we will do it the right way when we get home with soap and water. To which he responded, "lean hands". No, your hands are not can't clean your hands with spit.

He has been spending the evenings on his "couch/bed" that he got from Aunt S & Uncle B. Then he plays with his play and collects all the balls he can find into the living room. I have been exhausted so we haven't done much else this week.

Joshua is also apparently playing with more kids at school. Also on Wednesday he told me he played with Owen & Jacob, his usual friends, but also that he played with Zach & Korren. He seems to be remembering more and more too. It amazes me that we can not go somewhere for a month or so we go back to that place and he remembers where the smallest thing is. I had forgotten that it was there, but he didn't.

Last night we had to run an item to my sister's house because they would be needing it today. When we were leaving Joshua asked, "where nefi go?". I said 'nefi' isn't home, she went bye bye. He had never referred to my sister as Nefi before.

We leave tonight to go out of town. I had planned to blog last night, but it just didn't here it is.

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