Thursday, May 14, 2009

what a week

On Sunday, Mother's Day, afternoon...well at lunch, we realized that Joshua was getting sick. Monday we took him to school knowing that the school would call to have him picked up. Sure enough, by 9:30 he had to be picked up. Jeff took him to the doctor who confirmed that he had a viral infection in his eye. He stayed home with Jeff Monday, home with me Tuesday and then Jeff's work routed him back in. I kept Joshua Wednesday morning and Jeff kept him Wednesday afternoon. Today was Joshua's first day back at school. I was late getting him there...we got there at the same time I was to be at work. He gets there about 7 and at 8:35 he bit his 'girl-friend', Chloe. Lovely. After three days at home, he didn't want to he every wants to share. But at least, the rest of his day went well. He didn't eat lunch for them...he hasn't really eaten much of anything since Saturday night. He is he is staying hydrated. I think I may have to take him back in on Saturday morning, but I will see how he looks tomorrow night.
Oh yes, he has a snotty nose as well...

So, if are in the D/FW more the FW area on 3-Day team is having another fundraiser...this time at Rahr's Brewery in Fort Worth...

You can find out about other upcoming events for the 60 Mile Mamas by clicking here.

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