Sunday, May 3, 2009

snapshot sunday

This has been a crazy week around the our house. With the fire at Mom & David's house on Monday morning they came to stay with us. Monday night they went back down the house to pick up a few more things they would need and their neighbor came out to check on them. He said he had something for their daughter, that would be me. The gave Joshua this Leap Frog desk. They have triplets and had saved the best looking desk for Joshua. It has a LeapPad with it. Joshua thinks it is really cool.
On Tuesday night, during our 'outside' time, Joshua sat down in the grass and said "cheese". So Jeff took his picture.
I also have a video that I tried to upload from Tuesday night. It is not uploading for me, so I will try again tomorrow night.

On Saturday, we went to Adam's 2nd birthday party. It was at Leapin' Lizards in NRH. Here is Adam with our Leapin' Lizard party man...aka Mater. They had finally lit the candles on Adam's cake and he clearly thought that was cool. He even blew out all three candles by himself.
Here is Joshua in one of the tunnels on the playscape.
On Sunday, Joshua, who thinks he can climb anything, climbed up on the window sill in the study to see what Daddy was doing. He knew he was cute and in trouble so he laid on the charm...nice and thick.

More pictures on Flickr soon. Have a great week!

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